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Nancy McKay – Equus Coaching and Recovery: Exploring Our Relationships with Alcohol — Episode 226

Nancy McKay – Equus Coaching and Recovery: Exploring Our Relationships with Alcohol — Episode 226

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Nancy McKay. Nancy brings horses into her work helping women uncover the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping them stuck in the muck.

In this interview:

  • Listen as Nancy reminisces how she learned the beauty of being grounded with life coaches she’d never expect, horses.
  • Nancy discusses how people can learn from their interaction with horses and how these lessons can change perspective, business and relationships.
  • The cyclical problem of having a relationship with alcohol and Nancy’s mission of destigmatizing alcoholism.
  • Heart-wrenching realities of suffering from alcoholism and  depression that made Nancy feel at the brink of her life.
  • Nancy shares how normalizing alcoholism talks can help individuals like her to make a decision towards a better life and be guided towards recovery.
  • Merging the calmness of interacting with horses, the support of a community and the guidance of an individual to move forward with life that is healthier and more fulfilling.

Nancy is a contributing author to two multi-author books. Her chapter “The Intersection of Desperation and Grace” was published in Ready to Fly Volume 3, in 2020. 2021 brought The Gifts of Adversity, her contribution to Phoenix Rising; Powerful Women WhoRose From The Ashes To Claim Their Place, is an international Best Seller. Both capture her inspiring story of recovery and creating a new life after cancer.

She is also an Executive Contributor to BrainzMagazine and has been published in AuthorityMagazine, Medium, and Thrive Global. Nancy is based in Lakewood, Colorado, and is available for speaking opportunities across the US, global and virtual summits, podcasts, and interviews.

“If you’re consuming an addictive substance, it’s not you that’s the problem. It’s the substance that’s the problem.” – Nancy McKay

Let’s meet Nancy McKay. To learn more about Nancy visit her website at Amazing Outlook Coaching.

Nancy McKay Show Notes

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