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Julia Bernadsky – Manifesting Change with the Power of Energy — Episode 225

Julia Bernadsky – Manifesting Change with the Power of Energy — Episode 225

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Julia Bernadsky, a soul-inspired woman manifesting change with the power of energy.

In this interview:

  • Listen to Julia’s heart-tugging journey towards the free world with two suitcases, $200 and her unborn baby.
  • The wondrous energy of encouragement, love and guidance Julia’s mother infused in a charming necklace.
  • Tuning into one’s soul and understanding that it is the ultimate guide to life.
  • Julia reminisces how Untamed Heart – the Jewelry is born and how each piece is made with intention, vibrant energy and unconditional love.
  • She discusses what’s next of her powerful energy guidance and channeling with individuals looking to align their energy with the universe.

Julia is an artist & the founder of Untamed Hearts, Creator of The Messages from The Universe Project, and Co-Founder of the Conscious Life Collective platform. Julia works with energy, guided by highly attuned intuitions, and she is also a Theta Healer. All parts of her work come together through Untamed Hearts ( where she creates beautiful & meaningful objects/jewelry infused with energy. Her biggest desire is to inspire people to live their life with intent. Untamed Hearts is a purpose-driven brand where we are bringing together the worlds of Energy, Beauty & Consciousness & Healing. We create beautiful & meaningful objects injected with energy of unconditional love and protection. Each piece in our collection has a meaning and tells an unapologetic story of individuality, light & darkness, love & unity. In your hands, it becomes an amulet that elevates the energy vibration, empowers you on your life journey, inspires you to open your heart, heal and embrace our differences. Our pieces are stamped with “Peace For All” – it’s our message to the world.

“The most important place to turn into is that quiet room inside of you. All the knowing, all that you need to know, all that you need to have, everything is inside of you.” – Julia Bernadsky

Let’s meet Julia Bernadsky

Julia Bernadsky Show Notes

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