Pony Pondering Inspiration Card Samples

Pony Pondering Inspiration Card Samples

Is there a special message that you’re supposed to hear today?  Do your own Sample Reading today from the 10 sample Pony Ponderings Inspiration Cards here!

Pony Ponderings is a deck of 50 beautifully illustrated daily inspiration cards bringing positive, thought-provoking guidance to your soul path. Inspired by the heart and wisdom of horse, the messages provide a pathway to your deepest inner knowledge, playfully engaging your mind, body, emotions and spirit.  Order your beautiful deck on Amazon today!

1. Take a moment to quiet your mind. Breathe softly, yet deeply, gently clearing away the busyness of the day and granting space to ponder.

2. Consider the topic or question upon which you’d like to ponder. Take a moment to focus on your pondering.

3. Browse the 10 Sample Cards below, and select an image to which you’re drawn. You will know. Trust your inner voice.

4. Contemplate the message of the card.

5. Consider how you might ponder in this message even further. Even deeper. Select a way that is meaningful to you. Write. Paint. Hike. Dance. Again, you will know. Trust.

6. Listen and be aware, for new messages will continue to come forth in your journey. This is the gift of the universe.


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