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Mindful Strategies for the Growing Up of Your Business

Mindful Strategies for the Growing Up of Your Business

When I think about the growing up of my company – there are several elements that have contributed to this evolution. I’ve time-tested these in my own business and my client’s businesses. My desire is to give you some guide rails that you can apply to your business. So often it’s minute shifts in the good work we’re already doing that can make all the difference… sometimes it’s even doing less of one thing so that you can make more impactful choices with your time.

Today, I will share with you mindful strategies that give my business a rock-solid foundation.

  • The Declaration of a Strong Vision and Mission

I’m on a mission To raise up the voices, visibility and businesses of one million women entrepreneurs around the world for impact. My vision is a ripple effect of women’s wisdom changing the world, one soul business at a time because I believe that women’s wisdom is the medicine our earth needs. 

So what is your mission and your vision? What are your values? I’d love to hear from you on this question because the ripple effect that we’re doing together is powerful. What’s the impact that you want to create? And vision not only stands for the ripple effect on our communities, for the individuals we serve, for the world but also for our own lives.

  • A SMART Business Model


This means simplicity in how you run your business. Choose a set or products that are simple, and do not have too many products. The simplicity of marketing is another side of it, choose the kind of marketing that you want and be good at doing that kind of marketing. When we think about how we market our business, we’re always hearing somebody coming at us with the fastest way to grow your business, you have to do it this way and you have to follow this formula. And I’d say no to all of that. It’s like really finding your lane and doing your lane well. 


Get to know your market, get into your customer’s journey, and know exactly what it is that brings them into your life when they come to you, where they’re at, and what’s the stories they’re in at that moment. Speak your client’s love language and help them be able to see where they’re going to go in order to build a connection with your soul client.

Ascending Premium Offer

Build the right business model to set yourself up for success, do the math, and know what your time is worth. Have the type of business model where you know your customer journey, the problems you’re helping them solve, and how you’re helping them overcome that. Help them look to the future, to what they are really desiring. And in order for them to get there, you have this amazing package that helps them get there.

Having an ascending premium-priced offer means that the first product that they come in to work with you on may not be that premium-priced offer but it’s the it’s the first step to that journey that you take your clients on and then the next offer is that second step so you have the next logical place for them to land to do more work with you because they have already started to build that know love and trust factor with you.


Have tools and assets to bring people into your business that you can re-leverage. For example, I have my Ignite Conference that I have done every single year and this will be my ninth year of doing it. It brings people into my community and brings people into my business. And it’s also a beautiful way that I can just refine, I can get better at what I’m doing. If you have good clarity on what you stand for in your messaging, you can repurpose your content in different ways.

Time Prosperity

When I think about time prosperity, this is not only a white space on our calendar, I strongly believe we have to have plenty of white space on our calendar so that we can do our biggest thinking, we can do our CEO work. But the other side of that is the energetics of time prosperity. And energetics of time prosperity is how you move between meetings, it’s how you are ending your day and taking a pause before you move into the activities of the evening. Pause, slow down. If we’re always rushing, we are not in time prosperity no matter how much white space is on your calendar. It’s the energetics of time prosperity that really changes how we can serve.

  • Ownership of your Leadership of Thought

Find clarity in what it is that you want your voice to stand for. My mission and vision really helped to define this and even more so a deeper connection to my customer’s journey to me. Start to make space to develop our own leadership of thought. That leadership of thought, what it is that we stand for, what messages need to be heard in the world, and the connection to our soul clients waiting to find us. I had to learn that you can’t outsource your leadership of thought. This is something that has to come from within. Are you still following the marketing formulas and spitting out messages that sound just like everyone else? True leadership requires you to go inside and develop your own thoughts. Give yourself some soulful space to hear what messages want to flow from you, and you may be surprised at what shows up.

  • Igniting the Fire

Once you are aligned with your vision, you’ve set up your SMART business strategies in place so that you’ve got a solid business model, and you’ve brought your leadership of thought to life, it’s time to add some fire, my friends. This is the mixture of inner work, self-care, and nurturing of our soul, and combining that with outer visibility. That means showing up and being seen in all of our brightest light. There’s no hiding in our inner fire. This goes way beyond merely having confidence. The true transformation comes when we embody this fire and share our voice. This is the alchemy moment.


And this is what we do at  Extraordinary Women Prosper, my friends. You will find clarity in the vision of your business, you will learn SMART Business Models that raise up your time prosperity and wealth prosperity, you will find clarity in your leadership of thought and soul client messaging and you will ignite the fire of you.

Join us on May 24th. Get all the details here. It’s time to raise up your voice, your vision and your visibility, and do it in a way that transforms how you and our world do business. We’re being called my friend!

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