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Love Letter from the Soul #8 – Connect to your Tribe

Love Letter from the Soul #8 – Connect to your Tribe

Love Letter from the Soul #8 – Connect to your TribeWomen gathering together in circle – in community – is an ancient ritual. We are natural collaborators. Together we can accomplish more. We love to lift a sister up in need.

Today I’d like you to consider what it feels like to be in connection with others. The modern day connection of women in circle and collaboration exists in many forms. Yet always… when we belong, we #RaiseUP our impact – we #RaiseUP our strength – we #RaiseUP our successes.

I take great care in building my community of women. My events are about connecting woman to woman. Creating real relationships. I spend significant amount of time each week, connecting to women with whom I collaborate – online, on the phone and in person.

In your business: Consider the groups and the individuals with whom you connect and collaborate with in your business.

  • Collaboration Partners: Who are your collaboration partners? This is someone who perhaps serves a similar market as your own, yet in perhaps a different way. I have several collaboration partners with whom I meet on a regular basis. We share each other’s events, we invite our communities to each other’s communities, we run ideas past one another, or we call each other up simply when we need a hand up.
  • Clients: How do you facilitate connection among your clients and community? This is perhaps one of the most empowering gifts you can offer your clients. Open the door to making connections that will matter for them. Showcase your clients to others. Be a connector.
  • Mastermind: Are you part of a mastermind group? This has been one of the most important strategic success factors for own business. For nearly a decade, my mastermind groups have been an important staple in my business. If you don’t belong to a mastermind – you should. If you do – I ask you to consider how you contribute. It’s not all about taking and receiving. It’s about giving and engaging. That’s where the magic shows up!

In your life: There are so many rewarding ways to come together in community in our lives: a book club, a spiritual group, school communities, neighborhood communities, cause communities and many more. The important thing here is to tune into what you’re desiring more of in your life – I’m certain there is a community to step into. If there’s something that you fret over, get angry at, or want to change – get engaged. You have the power to impact change and you can create more change – simply by engaging with others.

Today I ask you to examine your circle of connection. What kind of connection are you desiring? Who could you help with a connection, a share, a like, a comment? Are there communities you’d like to join? How could you become a stronger member within the communities you are already active? Today, love on your tribe.

Much love,

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