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Love Letter from the Soul #6 – Connect to the magic

Love Letter from the Soul #6 – Connect to the magic

Yesterday we talked about creativity. Today, I’m going to talk about the magic that can occur when we make space for creativity.

On a spring day almost a year ago, I was tuned into one of my favorite podcasts. The podcast host shared three tips for bringing more creativity into your business. 1) Intentionally go hang with some people further along in their business than you. 2) Make space in a hotel to brainstorm on your business. 3) Introduce new strategic processes to your business.

I stopped at a park and wrote these 3 items down on that sunny Spring day. Within an hour of writing these things down, I received an email from a mentor inviting me to attend a conference in California with her that very next week… which was all about women making an impact. Ironically, this invitation checked all 3 of the boxes on the list I had just written in my journal. I instantly said yes.

Attending this conference opened up so many opportunities in my business, that I could write pages about this. But in keeping with the short intention of Love Letter from the Soul, let it suffice to say that this conference created new connections, new thinking in my business and new ways to #RaiseUP my presence across the nation. It was a gamechanger decision to say yes.

Stopping in the park that day to write down those 3 points was meant to be.

Today, I’d like to invite you to appreciate some of the magical moments that have occurred in your world.

Business: Have you made a connection with someone recently, that you know you were meant to meet? Make space to deepen that relationship. Are you feeling called to follow up on an idea that just won’t go away? Take the first action toward moving this forward today. Be curious to the signposts that keep showing up in your business – are there clues that might guide you?

Life: The signposts in our life can guide us every day. Perhaps it’s a song that plays on the radio every time you turn it on. Perhaps it a number series that shows up each time you look at the clock. When you journal in the morning, are you seeing themes that keep calling to you? Recognizing the clues that show up in our lives is simply a matter of noticing and being more aware. They’re all around us if you take time to see.

Tell me about the signposts and the magic that is showing up in your life! Thank the Universe. And then invite in some more!

Much love,

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