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Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice! What a perfect time to pause, listen to your inner wisdom and invite in the energies that you are wanting to attract into your life and business.

It’s a perfect time of the year to reflect on which moments of this year have lit you up the most… made your heart skip and dance. How might you invite more of that in?

It’s a perfect time of year to contemplate the ah-ha moments that you’ve had over the past six months… the lessons you’ve learned… the dots you’ve connected and consider you you might apply them in creating your what’s next.

I have just been putting the final touches on my June Soul+Strategy Mastermind training, that I’ll be doing today with my tribe of peeps. The past two months, we’ve been a bit more heavily focused on the more strategic processes of being an entrepreneur, covering how to soulfully approach marketing and sales. But this month, I wanted to slow down and do a mid-year touchpoint to the heart.

One of the questions we’ll be exploring tomorrow is:

What are you wanting to “experience” and “energetically feel” in your life and your business?

Because here’s the deal – we get to choose. We really do. If we first find clarity in defining how we want to energetically feel in our business, we are able to invite in those energies. We get to make choices every day that give us those experiences, but it first starts with the clarity around what it is we want.

I invite you to journal on this question in the extra long days of summer solstice this week. I invite you to create some ritual space – out in nature – and tune into what it is your heart and soul is seeking in your business and your life.

What are you wanting to “experience” and “energetically feel” in your life and your business?

This is where the magic is born. It’s where you define HOW you want to resonate. It’s where clarity finds you. It’s where the big ideas drop in that have been eluding you just below the surface, because you’ve been busy – going hard and getting things done.

So breathe in some summer air this week – and ask your heart what it wants and needs. And enjoy the added power that the Universe brings as you align to the seasonal welcoming of summer.

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