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Paige Goss: Founder and CEO of Point Solutions Group – 044

Paige Goss: Founder and CEO of Point Solutions Group – 044

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio Interview is with Paige Goss the Founder and CEO of Point Solutions Group. Paige started Point Solutions Group only 11 months ago, and has already generated over a $1 million of billings in this short amount of time.

She’s changemaker, a doer – and makes things happen – all while moving across the country with her wife and starting a family!

In this interview, we talk about how she grew the company so quickly, about life and family. She shares how the “the second that I was real and raw about who I was as a human, everything started to take shape for me. Its amazing what you get back, when you show up as your true authentic self.”

Paige founded her company on a philosophy that people are the center point of all successful missions and programs.  Point Solutions Group provides innovative solutions in information technology, engineering, and professional services for government and commercial organizations on issues of national and global significance.

Paige and I met at a leadership conference last Fall, where we were fortunate to get to sit next to one another. Since then,  we’ve shared multitudes of connections, Paige participated on my Circle of Inspiration Panel at my January Extraordinary Women Connect event – with two other CEOs of rapidly growing companies, and the collaborative relationship continues.

It epitomizes a win:win connection and collaboration of what can happen when women support one another. There is so much power in this my friends.

This is a perfect interview to share on International Women’s Day – because today, we celebrate how women can uplift one another. How together, we are stronger. As Leslie Foster said last week in her Extraordinary Women Radio interview, “One women is strong… two women is like three … three women are like nine.” Yes, we are strong and so much better when we work together.

Today, I invite each of you to connect with the strength of women in your community. Uplift each other and then get out and do the work you’re meant to do on this earth!

All we have is now. There is no better time than now.

To learn more about Paige and Point Solutions Group, visit the Point Solutions Group website or follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Let’s meet Paige Goss the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Point Solutions Group.

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