Your Coaching Journey Tools

Your Coaching Journey Tools

The following are downloadable documents that we regularly utilize in your coaching journey:

To be used throughout your Coaching Journey:

  1. Coaching Prep Form – This is a document that you should complete and send to the evening before each session.
  2. A Coachable State of Mind – This is a great document to read when you start out your coaching journey.  A Coachable State of Mind is the catalyst to our success together and directly correlates to your ability to make the changes you desire in your life!  Spend a moment contemplating the pointers in this document.
  3. Reading List – I love to read and I love to hear what augments your own journey!  This list is an ever-growing and ever-changing resource!
  4. Mandala Mindfulness Fun – This is a great way to slow that busy monkey mind down and give yourself a bit of a mindful bliss treat!

Essence of You Documents for Discovery:

These documents will be assigned to you during different portions of your Essence work.  They are available for download here:

  1. Order your StrengthsFinder 2.0 book here.  Be sure to order a new book so your StrengthsFinder online quiz will work!
  2. Passion Worksheet – Passion Worksheet
  3. Wheel of Life Exercise – This is a great tool to consider which areas of your life you want to make the greatest change.

Dreaming Your Future:

  1. Write a Future Letter

Taking Action and Managing Time:

  1. Setting Goals and taking action – A great document that will be defined deeper into your coaching journey.  Goal Statements
  2. Time Management Grid – Bonus Item

Job Hunting Tools:

The Marketer Network – Syzygy Strategic Partner, Michelle Reeb

Resume Writers:

  • Michelle Reeb, The Marketer Network | | 720.939.3209 |
  • Andrea Enright: Storyteller | Content-Broker | Boots-Wearer
    303.746.1503 || Denver, CO ||
  • Sick Résumés – Cure for the Common Résumé: Lucie Yeomans, CCMC, CPRW, JCTC, OPNS
    Certified Career Management Coach, Certified & Published Professional Résumé Writer, Certified Online Professional Networking Strategist,  Job Search Strategist, FAVAR Trained LinkedIn Profile Writer
    p:480.235.2354 | | w:

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