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The Emerging Expert in You

Your Voice in the World. Big. Bold. Strong.

You’ve been doing what you love. You know how you’re meant to matter. The gifts you’re delivering need to be shared with a whole lot of people, ah, because the world really needs it right now!

Girl enjoying the music festival / concert.

It’s time to play a bigger game and up-level what you’re putting out into the world!

It’s time to get visible.

It’s time to give voice to what you stand for.

It’s time to be really seen.

Your life experiences have led you straight to this point in your life that you’re so ready. But you might be hiding a bit, because getting out on that edge of your comfort zone makes you squirm in your seat and shrink behind the curtain. And growing into bigger space takes courage, but also the know how to get your voice heard.

THE SECRET ABOUT YOU… “What you are striving to become in actuality is what – by nature – you already are. Your Essence…. It’s learning to open up the light in you that has been secretly shut away.” ~Sowelu Rune

The Emerging Expert Coaching Program will open the door to shining your light – your voice – out to the world, and so that you become known as the Wildly Successful Woman that you are! You have important messages to share with the world – and I want to help you do it!

This is for you if want to:

  • If you have a book in you – but haven’t really figured out what it’s about or how to go about it.
  • You want more speaking engagements, more spotlight opportunities on the work you do – because your work really matters.
  • If you want more people in your tribe… more dollars in your bank account.

Together we will:

  • Get really clear about what you stand for – the legacy you want to leave – in your company, your industry, our world – and why you are unique in this vision!
  • Define a concise message platform that only YOU can own – that is memorable and impactful to the people you want to reach.
  • Discover the right platforms to get your message out, aligned to who you are at your very best. Is it a book? Is it speaking? Are you a social media star?
  • Give life to your brand in a way that people will remember you… and remember how you made them FEEL!
  • Expand your reach, your visibility and the IMPACT of your voice.
  • And because when you step out on the edge of sharing your voice with the world – your old friend FEAR will show up. You’ll learn the secrets on how to become friends with your fear. You’ll learn that she’s there to help you expand and grow. She (fear) gives you an edge that will make your light brighter, bolder and more impactful.

I’ve been building personal brands of emerging experts for more than a decade. If you’d like to see the full story of how Emerging Expert Academy brought together the colorful threads of my past with my threads of today on this beautiful life journey, check out my story here.

Hope you’ll be joining us and unleashing the next evolution of YOU and all that you stand for, because our world needs it!


Find out if the Emerging Expert in You Coaching Program with Kami is right for you! Apply for a Soulful-Inspired Strategy Session with Kami and we’ll explore how you can raise up your voice, visibility and impact!

Kami is proud to have been selected as one of only 20 coaches in the nation to be designated as an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach.

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