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Where will you be a year from now – living the life your heart desires?

Where will you be a year from now – living the life your heart desires?

What life opportunities are blowing away in the whirlwind of your life?

Without change, what’s the cost to your personal legacy?

Isn’t it time YOU set the course for a life of new possibilities…

Imagine opening the pathways to your hidden potential – the pathways that lead you to the life you are meant to be living.  The pathways that unleash your passions and set your heart afire in inspiration.  Isn’t it time you owned up to be all you’re supposed to be!

“Syzygy coaching helped me see a bigger opportunity for myself than I saw for myself.  In less than a year, I left my job of 20 years and started a new venture in my life!” ~ Lauren

One year from now – where will you be?  I invite you to take control of  your journey into 2014!  Join me in one of my complimentary coaching consultations, ONLY if you’re ready to connect to the inner knowing of your body, mind and soul. Together, we’ll explore what you’d like YOUR life to look like, and what steps can jump start your journey to living the life your heart desires.

As always, Syzygy clients always tell it best!  –

“I received so many gifts about the importance of ME! Coaching is a present I’d love the whole world to wake up to.  I mean really, if you could give the gift of your true essence to everyone, wouldn’t you?” ~Sondra

“Kami has a gentle way of guiding her clients through the process of exploring new possibilities and unlocking the mental and emotional patterns that often keep us from trying new things.  She coaches in a very organic way – not as a part of a pre-defined program but rather – pulling from an extensive toolbox, selecting the exact right tool for me at that particular time – setting the foundation for me to take control of my professional future.” ~Stephanie

“Kami has taken me, personally and professionally, from a great business to an exemplary business! I feel empowered, validated, authentically me, and just plain happy. There isn’t a price tag on happiness. That happiness creates an energetic space going forward that can’t be anything other than positive!!!!”  ~Noel

“Syzygy was the best 6 month investment I ever made.  It saved me the rest of my life to enjoy.  Sometimes, it takes a whole lifetime to learn what we did in 6 months and some never figure it out. Thanks for challenging me and putting me back on track.” ~Brenda

 “Kami picked me up off the floor and helped me regain my confidence.  In our work together, I reconnected back to strengths and gained clarity that the mega-billion company environment just was not a fit for me. It was this realization that opened the door to me landing a new role as a President of a smaller consulting firm – something I never expected!”  ~John

 “When I reached out to Kami for coaching, I had just experienced a major blow in my business.  My business partner and I had just decided to dissolve our partnership.  I felt loss, confusion and a whole range of emotions that clouded my vision for the future. Kami provided a safe and nurturing space for vulnerability, as well as personal discovery.  She provided the support and momentum for me to blast past obstacles and challenges I was facing and take big strides toward realizing my vision.  ~Margaret

  “I was in a rut all the way around.  In and around the time of coaching with Kami, I left my ex-husband, re-homed some pets, left my job, sold my house, got married, bought a house, sold my husband’s house to name a few highlights.  At the time, I really didn’t have the budget for coaching, but I couldn’t afford not to do it – as I needed to change my life – and fast!”  ~Amy

“My world was unhappy and uncomfortable. I was searching for something new to do with my life. My children were almost launched and I had no idea what the next chapter would be. Kami helped me look at the pieces of my life and gave me hope and confidence in myself.  She helped me connect back to the spirit of me.  From there, I found myself pursuing my life-long dream of becoming a vet tech!” ~Kim


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