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Your Soul+Strategy ‘What’s Next!’

Aligning your passions. Living with intent. Unleash your BRILLIANT-SELF and ignite the fire to make your dreams a reality.

You’ve worked hard. You’re successful. Yet something inside is beginning to shift. You’re starting to think about what’s next in your life. You’re wondering if there’s not something different for you out there. You just don’t know what it is or where to start!  Maybe you feel stuck. Or perhaps, you’re moving so fast that these thoughts never make it to the surface!

It’s just these kinds of circumstances that change – the moment you start asking the question – “What does my what’s next look like?”

And it is just these kinds of circumstances that my private and group coaching programs help you move through!

Take steps toward a more authentic you, to stronger relationships, to a deeper soul-connection. Find the courage to discover the life you’re supposed to be living and move toward a life filled with more energypassion and focused intent. Bring the best of you to the front and center.

Work with Kami as your coach is for you if you’re ready to CREATE an inspirational next phase of your life – if you’re ready to STEP INTO your true possibilities! As we meet each week over the course of our journey together, you will:

  • Connect to your inner wonderpassions, values and the spirit of you and all you stand for
  • Play in your personal stories and define what gives you life
  • Identify your purpose and how you can give back into the world
  • Envision a spectrum of meaningful new possibilities to consider in your next chapter
  • Bring clarity to which choice is the right choice for you
  • Set a plan of action, fueled with purposeful energy, vitality and courage
Find out if working with Kami to discover your ‘what’s next’ is right for you! Apply for a Soul+Strategy Session with Kami and we’ll explore how you can live with more passion, purpose and meaning in your life and work!

What’s Unique about Coaching with Kami?

 Awakening your mind, body, emotion and spirit and the power of all that is you – it’s this holistic approach that makes Kami’s coaching different!

Together we discover your essence as we uncover your personal stories of strengths, values and passions. We define your purpose and role in life. From this foundation, new possibilities unfold – as you learn to think outside the box to your full potential. You gain clarity about what you want to manifest and then you’ll make it happen!

You are unique and every journey is unique. We explore the environments that inspire your thinking.  And very unique to Kami’s work, we’ll introduce inspiration through the gifts that nature and animals can bring – creating a level of breakthrough unlike other coaching programs. Kami weaves Equine Guided Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry Change Management Practices, Somatic Learning and over 20 years of strategic planning experience to your life journey.

Want to learn more?  I invite you to sign up for a Soul+Strategy Session and try on a bit of Kami’s coaching for yourself! I offer a limited number of complimentary sessions each month.
ONLINE today!

Make this investment in you today.  And create the future you’re supposed to live.  One aligned to your purpose.  One aligned to the authentic you.

I look forward to co-creating with you and hearing more about what your heart is longing for.

Are you ready to get serious about making real change in your world? Find out what might be keeping you from making that big leap, and more importantly what you can do to accelerate your next bold move with clarity and courage!

Kami is proud to have been selected as one of only 20 coaches in the nation to be designated as an eWomen Network Premier Success Coach.

Get access to her exclusive FREE ONLINE teachings to build more time prosperity and wealth in your business and life!

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