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Walking a Life of Empowerment and Possibilities

Walking a Life of Empowerment and Possibilities

Ah, the amazing power of social media!  It makes it so simple to connect to people in all walks of life.

Last year I found myself entrenched into the pages of a book, Women of the Wise Earth, by author Nicole Gruel.  This magical book is a beautiful co-creation of 33 soul-inspired Australian women as they journeyed through the seven chakras in womanly circle in seven places in nature. The very thought of this journey made my own heart and soul dance in possibilities!

The book set forth a path for women’s growth across the elements of the chakras:  grounding, emotions, empowerment, love, creativity, intuition and spiritual knowing.  Week-by-week, the women came together to explore these elements in a sacred place in nature, sharing their experiences and creating a beautiful compilation of story, poem and art.

The combination of nature, creativity and personal exploration was aligned with all that moves me!  As I finished the book, I was inspired to write a poem. Wanting to follow Nicole’s work, I dug around in social media, and low and behold – Nicole and I were suddenly connected across the social network.

In appreciation to Nicole, I shared the poem I wrote with her, and next thing we knew, we were Skyping from opposite ends of the earth.  With curiosity I asked her, “Have you ever thought about taking this concept globally – empowering women in journey around the world all in synchronicity?”  And it was with that possibility that WOWEunite (Women of the Wise Earth Unite) was born.

We launched WOWEunite in February focused on the Root Chakra and the element of grounding.  Over the course of the month individual circles of women all around the world joined to share stories, laughter and love around their connection to earth and all that Root Chakra brings in lessons and life. One of Colorado’s first warm days of the year provided creative inspiration to our local circle in a quiet nook at Red Rocks Park. It was a perfect day.

In March, our global synchronized circles of women explored the Sacral Chakra – mostly in natural locations near water of some sort, whether it was streams or oceans – in keeping with Sacral’s connection to water.  Here in Colorado, our circle of women met streamside at Lair of the Bear – sharing stories of change in our womanly lives, emotions, laughter, marriage and love. The bubbling, always-in-movement creek provided lots of fodder to guide us.

As April and focus on the Solar Plexus unfolded before us, we turned to the topic of empowerment.  It is here that I discovered my personal deep attachment to this element.  As I shared my own life stories around empowerment, I realized that it was from this place of inner-strength that I found the courage to step into the life that I live today.

In exploring my personal stories, I discovered in gratitude, that empowerment is a gift I bring to my clients’ lives.  I believe that we’re all whole perfect beings in our own right.  We each bring gifts that are unique to us, and we merely need to shine a light on those gifts – put focus on who we are at our very essence.  If we live our lives fully understanding our strengths, values, passions and who we are at the very core – we move from a place of empowerment.

When we are tuned into our very essence and all that matters to us, we can see the extensive possibilities in our lives.  It is these possibilities that open doors and create new pathways.  This is empowerment.

I’m blessed to participate in these journeys of empowerment with my clients.  Recently one client gratefully expressed how excited she was for all that was manifesting in her life, sharing that she had discovered the energy of “relaxing into the goal.” She described it as everything is happening in perfect timing and is coming to her so effortlessly!

Now that in my mind is empowerment!  She’s not driving into the goal.  She’s created a stream of life that is attracting abundance and new possibilities. She’s aligned to who she is and what she’s supposed to be doing in her life.

Just as I effortlessly connected with Nicole Gruel in our shared passions and the flow of new possibilities came forth, this client has found her own stream of potential! So authentic. So empowering! I invite you to feel the difference!

And so I continue on my personal journey of empowerment and possibilities.  I keep aligned to who I am and what I stand for.  I trust in this journey, knowing that I can continue to make a difference.  And of course, I watch for those opportunities to connect and grow:  one-on-one, many-with-many, or just jumping onto the global consciousness of creating a better world.  Join me!


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