Kami’s Vision, Mission & Values

Kami’s Vision, Mission & Values

My Vision: A Ripple Effect of Impact

My Mission:

To uplift and empower women into their passions, so that they live into their full potential and leave a legacy that matters. I will be a person who has touched millions of women’s lives around the world, helping them dance into lives full of passion and meaning. The ripple effect of my life’s work – my teachings, my books and my inspirational programs will impact women everywhere.

My Mantras:

  • Courage to live large
  • Dream and play in soul-inspired thoughts and words
  • Determination thrives

My Values:

  • Making a difference
  • Community and Collaboration
  • Abundant Mindset
  • Connection to Nature
  • Delight in Life
  • Leadership
  • Learning
  • Passion & Purpose
  • Freedom
  • Philanthropy

Philanthropy: I believe in the power of lifting others while we rise and give ten percent of my profits to causes I care about and to help #RaiseUP others in need. Currently I give my time, talent and treasure to The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Women to Women International and eWomen Network Foundation.