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Tuning in when life gets a little messy!

Tuning in when life gets a little messy!

With the new year underway, I hope you find yourself in lightness of heart – with visions of possibilities to unfold.  For me, it’s not about New Year resolutions, but more about choosing how I want to show up for each day.  In awareness, abundance, peace and joy.

It’s not to say that everyday works that way.  This week brought its fair share of first trials and tribulations of the year for me.  Frozen pipes, frozen pumps, amidst worries of how my horses would get water and how to manage a business amidst the bumps and turns of the week.  It rattled me.  It frazzled me.  I felt new pains in my body that I hadn’t had before.  And in the midst of chaos, I stopped and listened.

Then I remembered.  Tune in and hear what my body has to say.  A little meditation, some time for writing, and systematically make choices.  What’s most important at this moment that must be managed?  Say no, where it makes sense, shifting and moving commitments around.

And with this approach, I found my footing.  The pipes thawed without major damage.  The well pump was repaired to working order.  A dependable neighbor filled the horses’ water tank and then finally, the sun came out and thawed the barn water faucets.  The postponed meetings were fine and the meetings I kept – were the right ones.

As all returned to normal, the body aches went away.  In my deep dreams of last night, I found myself uplifted in flight and I knew I had reconnected to my right life rhythm.  I love dreams of flying.  They hold special meaning, symbolizing a sense of freedom and personal growth with passion. Over the course of my lifetime, flying dreams have signified a time when everything is flowing smoothly and in control – aligned to the right path.

As I awoke this morning, renewed from the lightness of the dreams of last night, I kicked off the day journaling, reconnecting to the big picture visions of the year.  My heart danced in the possibilities. Clarity flowed in my writing as the puzzle pieces – that have not quite fit together – suddenly fell into place.  A core “how” of my vision for the year became clear!

I went to my office and outlined the details of a major project that had previously shown up in only small, disjointed glimpses before.  My heart was taking flight! Sometimes, it’s the bumpy-road-moments-of-life that reconnect you to renewed self-awareness.  And from here, it’s just a stone’s throw away from our biggest ah-ha moments!  So for those frozen pipes of this week – perhaps I’m even a little thankful!

If you feel your life getting a little out of control, I invite you to stop – even for 15 minutes.  My mediation wasn’t an hour – it was 5 minutes.  The writing that followed – just 10 minutes.  This short amount time was enough to bring clarity and help me connect to an inner peace.

And as I moved through the check points of remedy, my life quickly settled back into that place of self-awareness, abundance, peace and joy that I strive for in each day.  I could hear the messages of my heart, once again.

And so go the lessons in our lives.  Rarely does anything come to us in a straight line.  Sometimes we have to turn things upside down and shake it all around, and then when right-sided again, it all becomes clear with ease and grace.

Author Khalil Gibran wrote, “Does the song of the sea end at the shore or in the hearts that listen to it?”  This is the gift of listening to your heart when you need it.

Do you want some practice connecting to the messages of your heart?  I invite you to sign up for one of my limited Complimentary Consultations at  Or, join me in my 12 week You Version 2.0 – Discover Your Next Chapter Group Coaching Tele-series that starts on February 21.

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