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Top 7 ways to step out of crazy-busy…and into your next big idea

Top 7 ways to step out of crazy-busy…and into your next big idea

Busy lives. Stretched thin. Demands on time and craziness of schedules with back-to-back meetings that never end. Extended into the evenings of every day, every hour, every minute.

To further add to the craziness, we live our lives within cement buildings surrounded by waves of technology. Our connection to Mother Nature is limited at best – and even when we do find ourselves in the out-of-doors, it is often intention driven with little awareness of the many miracles surrounding every square foot of nature.

Do you believe this mind-numbing pace in body-numbing surroundings is sustainable? Not only does this take a toll on your mind, body and soul, living your life at this pace diminishes your creative capacity. It puts a damper on your next big idea in your life. It stops you from stepping into your full potential and shining your light out into the world – that light you are meant to shine!

Yet I hear the pride manifested in living at this pace every day. “I’ve been crazy-busy this week, and haven’t had a moment to myself!” “I am a master at multi-tasking: I cooked dinner, helped my child with his homework and did a conference call all at the same time.” “I answered that email last night at 10:30 and can’t believe I haven’t heard back this morning!”

Do any of these sound familiar? I once was a card-carrying proud multi-tasker myself. Today I know that being a great multi-tasker is a myth. I know I’m much more effective if I focus whole-heartedly on a single area of my life at a time. I have learned to designate blocks of time for the priorities in my life – and to keep my focus there.

When I disown my mythical multi-tasking capabilities, I suddenly show up fully in the space I’m in and don’t dilute my focus. From this intentional space, bigger and more innovative ideas are born, and I find that I’m fully living in the moment. I know that my best ideas don’t come when I’m balancing multiple projects at a time – they come when I make space for them.

To test this concept, I took a few moments to recall when, where and how the biggest transformational ideas of my lifetime were conceptualized.

Hands down, my grandest visions came to me when I turned the off the multi-tasking and created space for innovation. I had to slow down, turn off the noise and tune into my own inner messages. I stepped outside the realms of my day-to-day working environments into environments that inspired me – like nature and the outdoors. It was here that creativity flowed and I was able to connect the dots that wouldn’t connect before.

So I invite you to consider: What was that last big idea that you launched? How were the seeds planted? What gave those seeds life?

I recently had the opportunity to ask a room of wildly successful women this very question. Here is some of the extraordinary wisdom these women shared on birthing the next big idea in your life!

  • Turn off the email and phone for a morning to work on a project that really matters. Step back and look at the big picture. Get out of the minutia.
    Engage others and collaborate. Embrace the fact that everyone’s mind thinks differently.
  • Slow it down. Go on a hike and get outdoors. Take an adventure. Choose the scenic road.
  • Learn to listen to yourself. Journal or create a whiteboard of possibilities. Follow your heart and instincts. Trust your gut. Be open to the surprises.
  • Learn something every day. Ask yourself, what am I learning today? How will these lessons matter in my future?
  • Color outside the lines. Take gutsy, risky and courageous moves. Be vulnerable. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t do the expected.
  • Make a decision for YOU! Live your life for you!

If you’ve been finding yourself living at crazy busy, chances are you haven’t made space for your next big idea lately. Chances are you’ve gotten caught up in just doing and there are some big innovations awaiting their birth just below the surface. Chances are these ideas matter: to you, those around you and even to the larger masses. Isn’t it time you gave them space to manifest?

As you slow down and tune in, I’d love to hear what you discover! Comment below and let’s create a ripple of big ideas! If you want a little help digging into your big idea, I invite you to apply for one of my limited Yes-to-You Strategy Sessions that I do each month.

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