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Time to break the rules of marketing

Time to break the rules of marketing

If you know me, you know that I’ve been leading marketing initiatives for more than 30 years! I love the interweaving connection to people, word play, creativity and strategy. It jazzes me.

No matter where you learned about marketing – in Marketing 101 or from industry coaches and gurus… it’s time to break the rules of marketing as we know it!

When I talk about breaking the rules of marketing, here’s what I believe needs to change!

  • Marketing is an Inside-Out Job! It starts with you, because you are You-Nique! When you build your brand from the essence of you, you create a brand that only you can own. People are attracted to souls, not faces. Build a brand that is soul-centered and aligned to who you are!
  • There’s no such thing as competition. Yes, that was a hard one for this former Marketing VP to wrap her mind around. However, I want you to consider this. When you are building your brand from the inside out – that brand that only you can own – you are creating a market space that is You-Nique, as well. Build a brand and marketing approach that attracts only your ideal clients. Collaborate with the people who you might have considered competition. When you collaborate, you both bring your You-Nique gifts to the table. The energy of collaboration is so much powerful than competition.
  • Stop the Pain-Based Scarcity Marketing! Oh my gosh! This is my biggest soap stand right now. There is enough “not-enoughism” syndrome going on in our world, without us adding to the weight of that as business owners! What if instead you helped your ideal clients see the vision of what is possible. I personally, have never invested in my business because of fear. I have invested in my business because of the possibilities of expansiveness. We have the choice as entrepreneurs. Do we want to #RaiseUP the energy of those we serve or do we want to deplete their energy. For me it’s an easy choice. I say yes to Aspirational Marketing that speaks our clients’ love language.
  • Throw out the formulas. Any of us who have been trained in the “5 steps to writing copy” or “7 steps to success” formulas can spot the flow a mile away! These formulas have no soul. They sound robotic. And it’s the reason that you see so many people whose messages all sound exactly alike.
  • Messages with impact. Pretty picture memes are lovely. And yet I think we can do better. It’s time to elevate your messaging with true opinion… with something that provokes thought and action. If you want to be a changemaker, a pretty picture won’t do the trick. It’s time to elevate your message to make a difference.

Changing up the way I approach marketing shifted everything in my business. It brought more ideal clients, more visibility and more growth.

It will help you #RaiseUP your voice and visibility. It will help you grow your business. What marketing rules do you want to break?!

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I feel like an ongoing marketing failure! I’ve hired marketing coaches, paid for expensive marketing programs (more than once!), followed all the contemporary marketing rules and….have not seen an increase in clients, revenue, satisfaction…let alone a return on my investment in these marketing tools.

The marketing rule I’d LOVE TO break, though I’m not sure it’s possible given my business goals, is to build my online following WITHOUT using FB or IG. There are many social media platforms, I realize, but these two are just not my thing for more reasons than I care to state here.

Thanks for this post Kami. It fuels my ‘think outside the box’ ponderings.

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