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Time Prosperity and Wealth Prosperity For Your Business And Life

Time Prosperity and Wealth Prosperity For Your Business And Life

I have a passion for building businesses with time prosperity and wealth prosperity. I’ve been helping my clients in my Soul+Strategy Mastermind create building block foundations that expand their capacity to scale their revenue, their impact, and their time. I love what’s happening in their businesses, and today I want to share how I’ve built this into my own business, and how my clients are following the same pathway.

It was messy to break some of the patterns of always doing, doing… and rushing between one task and another. I’d been rushing a good portion of my life. I had to find my way out of being a rushaholic. 

So as my business shifted into more of a scalability model, I literally had to learn to slow down and be in this new space I had created for myself. I started to create space for morning rituals, and I got much better at creating boundaries for the energy of me, seeing only 1-2 clients in a week, in addition to my group programming. I made CEO and thought leadership space for me to create. I learned to breathe. I learned to recognize when I would start to fall back into old patterns… because I definitely could and did.

And in all of this journey, I grew more deeply as a CEO and as a human.

It became apparent to me that time prosperity is a mindset opportunity. We can step into time prosperity with intention.

And it is a choice opportunity. We get to choose how we move through our days, and the systems we set in place to allow for a more prosperous time. We get to choose how we set up our business, how we serve our clients, the boundaries we put in place, the tools we use to communicate with our clients and communities and teams… it’s all a choice, and if get intentional with our time, we can create the gift of time prosperity.

So let’s look at the other side of the prosperity coin – wealth prosperity. When I rewind back to the days when I was seeing 5 1:1 clients a day, and the choices I made at the time, to restructure how I serve my clients. I learned to build the right packaging and the right pricing. I learned to establish new ways to work with clients that were even more powerful than I could ever do in the only 1:1 work I was doing.

And with that came freedom in my business and exponential growth in my business, year-on-year. Through times when many entrepreneurial businesses were struggling, I was serving my clients, and growing my business in a sustainable way. And with that came the prosperous growth of my clients’ businesses. The new business models in my business helped my clients’ businesses grow exponentially as well.

The community served them in bigger ways.  And with this comes the opportunity to invite more people into my business. The spiraling evolution of my business ignites the spiring evolution of my clients’ businesses, and this is the work we’re all being called to do. This is where wealth prosperity comes in – for both myself and my clients. It makes my heart so happy.

The way we free ourselves from those old patterns is to learn to slow down, to listen to our inner wisdom, to tune into our heart frequently, and to practice mindfulness and new ways of embodiment. This is the soul side of our work. It’s an important pillar in our businesses.

The way we free ourselves from the craziness we can create in our businesses is to get smart with how we build our businesses. This means choosing the right business models, the right packaging, and the right pricing – putting the foundations into place that allow us to scale from the very beginning of our businesses.

It means choosing how we create more white space in our businesses for our big-picture thinking and for creation. It means aligning with our vision of how we want to make a difference with our work and aligning with the clients we want to serve. 

AND I recommend not doing this work alone, but rather, being in a community that helps us blossom and grow, and break out of the old patterns that can keep us stuck. When we work with soul, strategy and community, our full potential is unleashed. Because we have space in our lives to create… and a circle of support we take flight.

Join me at Extraordinary Women Prosper on May 24th, a 1-day business retreat! I’m going to be sharing my latest and greatest teachings on how to create more time prosperity and wealth prosperity in your business. Prosper will help you elevate your vision for your business, your community and your life. Join us!

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