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The Zen of Working Long Hours: 5 ways to find time for your soul!

The Zen of Working Long Hours: 5 ways to find time for your soul!

Amidst the crazy-busy pace of life you lead, time for yourself often falls short and even seems impossible to obtain!   The good news is that there are simple soothing gifts you can provide for your soul that will uplift you in positive thoughts and peaceful gratitude.  Try one a day for the next five days and see what you notice, and be sure to share in the comments below!

1)      Commute Inspiration – put on some beautiful music or listen to an inspirational speaker you admire in a podcast.  Commute time offers quiet space with your Self.  Turn off your phone and turn on some soul-inspired mind play!

2)      Put some pretty things on your desk – a beautiful bouquet of flowers next to your monitor brightens any day.  Add a few special pictures and perhaps a favorite token from nature.  Invite your soul to dance in a little gratitude for beauty.

3)      Take a short stroll through nature – but most importantly, stop and notice for just a moment.  Is it the bird that just landed nearby or the sprout of new greenery that catches your attention?  Whatever it is, take a moment to just be with it.  Feel your heart soar in the wonder of nature.

4)      Say hello to a perfect stranger with a smile of appreciation for who they are – take time to notice someone today that you might overlook on any other day.  Smile.  Be curious about who they are and what makes them special in this world.  Everyone has a special gift to offer.

5)       Journal from your heart – get up 10 minutes early one day this week.  Take out your favorite pen and just ask yourself, “What does my heart want me to know today?”  Your heart will tell you!

Happy Zen Play to you and your soul this Valentine’s Day!  Interested in a bit more soul play?  Sign up for one of my Inspired-Heart Strategy Sessions and we’ll open the door to all your heart is calling for!

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