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The Winter Rhythm of Reflection

The Winter Rhythm of Reflection

As the dawning of winter approaches, I’ve tuned into my body’s subtle messages to slow down and reflect.  Shorter days lead to longer periods of darkness, providing our soul the ability to catch up to our busy body and pace of life.  In conversation with my friends, clients and family, I hear a common theme of quieting our monkey minds and tuning into reflective soul-searching. Themes of reconnection to what’s important in life – starting with family, friends and the often forgotten, SELF.

In one of my favorite books, The Way of the Happy Women, Sara Avant Stover shares in her chapter on Winter, “If we don’t take time for deep rest, then authentic healing, rejuvenation, wisdom and softening are not possible.” What a wise statement.

So this month I thought I’d share some ideas for gifting yourself some deep rest.  To start with, I’ll provide a glimpse into what I’ve been drawn to.

First of all, I have devoured the contents of so many books recently. From The Dance, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Women of the Wise Earth by Nicole Gruel, to rereading Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss and Touching Enlightenment, by Boulder’s Reginald Ray – each have provided insights into my own soul path and deeper listening. John C. Maxwell’s book, Today Matters, gifted to me by a client and friend, brought great advice on truly stepping into life’s potential.

Most recently, I’ve picked up the book The Power of Stillness by Tobin Blake, which offers a series of simple daily meditation exercises. In my life, I’ve mostly found meditation through a walk in the woods or quiet reflection with my horses, so the realm of real meditation will be an interesting exploration. Add to this the wonderful “Yoga for the Spirit” class I just discovered at Evergreen’s Body, Mind Awareness Yoga – and I’ve got a wonderful concoction of personal growth taking place – all setting the foundation for 2013!

Reflecting on my own spiraling path of life that I ride, it’s inspiring to see what teachers, coaches, guides and partners are showing up to be part of my own journey of growth.  My mind and body are drawn to the synchronicities that align my days, and I find great joy and wonder in my own need to learn every day. What will tomorrow bring?

This stillness and reflection provides space for new thoughts and new ideas to blossom. It not only sets the sails for my personal growth, but for my professional growth and business as well.  You see, this reflective time brings clarity and purpose to the forefront.  It reminds me what is meaningful and how to balance life in a way that enables me to live my life to its highest potential. It’s so important to step off the busy-ness of our lives and find this!

A wise mentor once convinced me to take a half day a week disconnected from technology, people and meetings – focused only on thinking, strategizing and writing.  At the time, I thought this idea was absurd and not realistic.  But given he was my boss at the time, I listened – and you know what – I discovered my most brilliant ideas came on those days.

So this leads to the question of how do I integrate all of these lessons of late and yesteryear into the coming 2013?  On my quest to continue to learn and grow every day of my life, here are some of the things I’m striving for in 2013!

  • No-Meeting Fridays:  I’m going to open up space for writing and creating in 2013, by dedicating every Friday to mind-play-dates.  While my core goal for this day is to write, I’ll allow the natural rhythm of creativity to define this space – trusting that what is destined to be born, will be.
  • Coaches, Guides and Mentors:  I believe that all coaches must continually do their own personal work – always taking their growth and learning to new levels. I’ve been blessed to have some amazing coaches and mentors in my life, and am very excited about the individuals I’ve identified to guide my growth in 2013.
  • Spirit and Somatic Exploration: I am so in awe of the synchronicities of life – how people and opportunities show up exactly how and when they are supposed to! I attribute a lot my own serendipitous moments to having a deeper awareness, so that I actually see the opportunities when they show up! Listening to my inner voice. Tuning into the messages from my body. I commit to continue to sharpen my awareness levels.
  • Starting the Day from a Peaceful Place:  One of my admitted vices is deeply rooted to my corporate days of leading overseas teams. The days of 5:00 am conference calls and e-mails should be long-gone from my repertoire, but unfortunately, the first thing I do each morning is tune into technology and check e-mails.  2013 is going to bring a change for me. I will start my day journaling, reflecting, chatting with my hubby and loving on all the animal souls that bless our house, before touching any technology.

So my wish for you this holiday season, is that you find time to slow down in reflection.  Perhaps you’ll be drawn to one of the books I mentioned. Perhaps one of the ideas I’m incorporating into my own 2013 Way of Being feels right for you. Listen to your heart and listen to your body – it will guide you in the right path.

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And if you still have some last minute Christmas shopping, consider gifting inspiration to someone special this holiday season!  How about a deck of Pony Pondering Daily Inspiration Cards or an Equine Vision Journey to Your Next Chapter Retreat gift basket?  Both promise to bring positive, thought-provoking guidance to that someone special’s soul path.

Happy holidays to you.  May family, peace and love fill your days.

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I appreciate this article you have written and am grateful for the thoughtful topics and ideas.

Really good stuff to chew on….

Sarah Brooke Browning

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