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The Great Hoax: “The Time’s Not Right”

The Great Hoax: “The Time’s Not Right”

In your heart you know.  You know there is something more for you to do in this lifetime.  You’re hearing a calling for more – a longing to matter.  The foundation of the world you have always known is shifting restlessly.  Flashing visions of possibility, or perhaps the full potential is fuzzy and unclear.  You just feel it at a gut-level.  Your soul is calling.

If you are feeling this pull, chances are it is showing up in your dreams awaking you abruptly in the middle of the night.  The conversations that you find yourself in, keep taking you back to new awareness in repeated themes.  Perhaps new people are walking into your life with similar interests.  The signposts are there.

And in the rare moment you find a moment of quiet personal reflection, wild and uplifting ideas are birthed.  Ideas that pose the question, “What if…”

But how can you possibly heed to this calling?  After all, life is crazy busy and the time isn’t really right to really let this idea blossom.  Yes, you say.  “The time’s just not right.”

Here’s what I know about these powerful callings and the accompanying excuse that “The time’s not right…”

  1. These callings are a gift. You are feeling them now – because they are yours and yours alone.  Your journey has prepared you for them.  You have the tools and resources to listen and build. It will feel like a stretch and it will feel uncomfortable.  It is a calling to step into a bigger platform of your life.  To play big.
  2. Your self-critic shows up in a big way when you get a calling for something more. She will tell you you’re not smart enough, clever enough or strategic enough.  She will throw you into a swirl of scarcity-thinking: not enough resources and not enough time.  Your self-critic is wrong.
  3. Fear feeds your claim that “the time’s not right.” You may push fear aside and ignore it.  You may even say it’s not there.  When you step into your fear and become intimately connected to it, you can transform the energy of fear to an energy of courage.  A fire that can’t stop you.
  4. When we don’t heed our calling, the universe will eventually take over with a course correction. Health issues, job problems – major catalytic shifts make their way into our lives until it forces new decisions.  It is more efficient to move into action on our callings with a solid foundation beneath or feet, and before a major course correction.
  5. Take it from someone who has found her calling. When you step into your own calling, you will live a passionate, meaningful life full of vitality and purpose.  There is no greater gift to you and to those in your life.  You will be a shining example of really living life to its fullest.  Is that not a model of life you’d like to portray?
  6. Several years ago, my own coach said to me. “Your gift is meant to matter and today… right now… there are people who need your gift.  Who are you to withhold this from the world?” That hit me hard.  It gave me new courage.  And so I ask you,  “Your gift is meant to matter and today… right now… there are people who need your gift.  Who are you to withhold this from the world?”

I invite you to transform your “It’s Not the Right Time” excuse you tell yourself, to “Hell-Yes, let’s do this!”  Just making this declaration will spark a courageous fire in your heart.  And if you want some help adding more fuel to the flame, sign up for one of my Yes-to-You Strategy Sessions and we’ll uncover the next layer of your calling. You’ll discover ways to rein-in your inner critic, and shift from scarcity-thinking to abundant-living.  You’ll unleash the possibilities that are so ready to be set free. And best of all, you’ll breathe life into your gift that the world is awaiting. The time IS right!

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