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Kami’s Clients Always Tell it Best! 

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~Jill Keuth, Founder and CEO of Be Courageously You, Platinum Mastermind Member

I had a full coaching practice and was ready to step into the energy of CEO and accelerate my growth with scale.

“I knew that I was growing steadily, and it was time to catapult my business to where it desired to be. I surpassed my prior year 6-figure income in the first seven months, and I upleveled my sense of Self and how I serve my clients as a coach. My first high end mountain retreat sold out in just a few days. AND I’m moving into 2023 with scalable high-end offers ready to more than double what I did in 2022.

Kami puts all of her trust in you and your offerings, and then holds up guidance, mentoring, models, and strategies that if you take advantage of, and apply them to your business, you will grow. She has a softness of meeting each client where they are at and helping them build from there. I have found Kami’s heart, passion, grit, determination, and matter-of-fact “take the action, take the steps” inspiring, supportive, encouraging, and motivating. She has a confidence and strength about her that comes through her business and marketing acumen and experience. In addition, Kami has wisdom, soul, and empathy that she sources from within.”


~Chelle Johnson, CEO and Founder of the Best You Career Talent Advisors and Colorado Career Connectors, Platinum Mastermind Member, Winner of the 2022 Firedancer Award at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference.

“I am playing bigger and my revenue has grown 220%!”

“Kami’s message, business expertise, and soul-inspired coaching have given me so much more clarity, confidence, and courage in my business. She deeply cares about her clients and guides them to push beyond their fears to think and act bigger. I have deeper clarity in my customer journey, enabling me to fine-tune my messaging and brand and better serve them with high-value executive coaching services. This Fall I will be leading my first leadership pilgrimage trip on the Camino de Santiago, a long-time dream of mine! I’m taking on big stages and landing clients while doing so. My social following has grown exponentially. In addition, my Colorado Career Connectors became a non-profit this year and now has over 2,200 members, providing them access to top Human Resource executives across our state.”

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~Viveka von Rosen, CEO and Founder of Beyond the Dream Board, Platinum Mastermind Member

“The Pivot from Million-Dollar Software Company to Lifestyle Legacy Dream Business”

“As a co-founder of a million-dollar training company and a recognized expert on LinkedIn, I found myself yearning for something more meaningful. The concept for a new business was there, but initially, it was just that—a concept. Kami’s practical advice and the supportive network she built helped transform that concept into a tangible business. Throughout the year, every meeting and mastermind event with Kami, particularly the Soul Speak sessions and Platinum Retreats, marked significant progress in my entrepreneurial path. These interactions not only led me to the ideal name for my company, Beyond the Dream Board, but also clarified my vision for client offerings. Our regular gatherings were crucial, equipping me with the necessary tools and confidence to tackle the challenges of starting a new venture. I can say with certainty that without Kami’s mastermind group, my current business success would not have been possible. Her mix of strategic business advice and personal growth support has been essential, and I’m truly thankful for her impact on my business journey.”


~Arezou Zarafshan,  CEO and Founder of Call Emmy  Named to Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Winner of the 2021 Firedancer Award at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference.

“Year 3 of my journey with Kami and I am on fire!”

“Year one, I got enormous amounts of recognition and credibility in the startup world including being a guest on a number of podcasts and being interviewed live on IHeart Radio. In the second year, I launched a startup fundraising academy and doubled my consulting revenue. Now, I am starting my third year with Kami and I have launched my technology startup, Call Emmy, an on-demand platform that provides help to busy moms. Literally one month into the launch of Call Emmy, I was post-revenue and that is unheard of in the startup technology world. Kami’s support, wisdom, and expertise have been foundational to where I have been able to get to. Kami is an AMAZING coach!”


~Connie Jones, Founder of Arise Counseling and Coaching and Warrior Women, winner of the 2018 Firedancer Award at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference

“My business doubled in growth into the multi-six-figures.”

“Kami not only helped me grow my business to the next level, she helped me reclaim ownership over my life and where I spend my time and energy. I launched my book,  Warrior Arise: Live Bravely, Freely and Authentically You! I have changed my business model so I’m no longer working hours for dollars and have so much more time and freedom!”


~Shelly Schell, Partner at PRISM Financial Strategies

“I am owning my message and sharing it with the world! LOUD AND PROUD”

“WOW! Where do I begin. I always believed in coaching and community connections, but Kami has brought the belief into reality for me and my business. I am truly grateful for her business expertise and process to help me create the program that I have dreamed of for years. I am leveraging social media to put my work out in the world, which has translated into more revenue and many new clients who have come to me specifically because of the work I have done with Kami.”


~Cynthia Farrell, Founder of 110 West Group building legacy leaders and cultures and host of the podcast This is How We Lead: Conversations with Legacy Leaders

I grew my business to over six figures in my first year of business and have a solid base of business already booked for year two!

“In our first one-on-one meeting, Kami told me “you’re not charging enough.” I started building higher rates into the next project and the rate increase for that single project covered the investment into my one year VIP coaching and mastermind program. And, it continues to pay dividends that you can’t even calculate! My Legacy Leader framework would not exist if I had not embarked on this one-year journey with Kami. This is the platform on which I will frame up more ways to productize the work that I do, to make it repeatable and scalable and sustainable. I particularly appreciated the sisterhood of women in the mastermind, and how Kami builds a culture of celebrating the diverse gifts of each person, which created an environment of learning, creativity and seeing ideas through a multi-dimensional lens.”

~Kathleen June, Kathleen June Coaching, 32-year career designing courses based on proven adult learning practices, and training others to create their own

“I have tripled my income this year and I am steadily attracting more clients who are able to pay what I charge!

“My personal brand is so me, people who know me well laugh with delight when they see my photos and marketing materials. People who don’t know me well are drawn to me. The biggest change is how confident I feel now, putting my material “out there,” finally charging what I’m worth, giving my clients 120% of my experience, expertise, passion and wisdom, and hearing how pleased they are with the results. The material I’ve used for years is more attractive and beautiful, and it is evolving as I learn ways to reach and teach busy people who want their products completed in a fairly short time frame. I changed how I bundle my services, and how I shape them for 1:1 coaching and for my course. I have given myself permission, with Kami’s support, to offer my services in ways that suit me and still serve the client at a very deep and productive level.”


~Diane Simard,, a psycho-oncology influencer, a messaging strategist to senior business executives, an award-winning author, a national speaker on women in business and survivorship

“Kami has been the catalyst in asking myself not just who I am, but why I am.”

“For years I had propped up CEOs and other executives, but at age 56 I realized it was time for me to go to work for myself. As I transitioned from corporate life, Kami guided me through her outstanding branding process, and I emerged with fresh vision, direction, goals, and images that capture my essence. Her retreats and trainings have helped me establish and launch my speaking business. During our one-on-one coaching sessions, she helped me create my newest offering – a legacy builder and publicist for C-level execs who have the budget and passion to create their legacies. I have keynoted and landed on several stages, finished the first draft of my next book, launched a podcast, and guested on others’ podcasts. My email and social followers are growing, and I was recently named a “Distinguished Alumni” by my alma-mater. Through this journey, I have met, collaborated, and hired amazing businesswomen who have become dear friends. Ours is a bond based on respect and a belief that our world needs more women’s voices to be heard.”

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~Nicole Trick Steinbach, Global Career Coach Helping Women in Tech Find their Brave, and Winner of the the 2020 Firedancer Award at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference.

“Not only did I move into the world as a more powerful and positive force, I Surpassed six-figures in revenue in my first year of business!”

“I broke free from an external-defined persona and stepped into an internal, authentic me for my business. Despite having led a successful global corporate career, I knew I would be in over my head as an entrepreneur without help. My business needed to be sustainable and rewarding and I built this and more helping women in tech around the globe step into their brave! When you are ready to do the deep, hard work necessary to build the business you desire for the impact you want, Kami is your coach. The extraordinary power and connection of the women in Kami’s community will lift and inspire you too!”

Nicole Trick Steinbach winning the 2020 Firedancer Award at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference

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~Stacey Crew, Clear Vision Publishing

“I’ve stepped up in my role as a publisher and I’m embracing my years of experience and the unique value I bring to my authors.”

“Kami’s mastermind helped me fully own the value I deliver to my clients and the publishing industry as a whole. I’m also feeling a lot less frenetic about how the business grows, which points directly to my growth as a woman. I’m proud of what I’m building and how I am showing up in the world. I feel comfortable with the steady and sustainable rate of growth I’m achieving. Life overall feels more manageable, steady and calm. Kami provides the space for entrepreneurs to grow and evolve at their own pace – true coaching as she meets her clients where they are and supports them in their growth.”


~Dana Kirchmar, Dana Kirchmar Consulting Women in STEM/STEAM Advocate | Consultant | Technology & Operations Executive | Visionary Product Leader | Solution Architect

“Kami has changed my life both personally and professionally.”

“Working with Kami has increased my confidence and made me believe in my own ability to make things that seem impossible possible. Today, I am building a thought leadership platform and programs to inspire more young women to embark upon STEM/STEAM careers, with this simple question.

“What if we stopped asking girls if they’re good at math, and instead started asking them what problems they would like to solve?!”

My first book is almost complete and the second one is in the works! I am getting on stages and my consulting business plan outlines a future that is way bigger than I ever imagined!”


~Kathi McCarty, Founder the Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance, Winner of the 2019 Firedancer Award at the Extraordinary Women Ignite Conference

“Identifying as the Erin Brockovich of Meth Toxins gives me strength & courage!!”

“Life is so different than what I had ever planned. My journey through the litigation and sale of my meth contaminated home led me to embrace my gifts and become an advocate to protect others from a similar fate. Founding the Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance has turned my dark story into a light for others.

Kami’s branding team facilitated the brand and web site launch and the members of the mastermind were a circle of support through the darkest moments of this journey. The MTAA provides advocacy and education to make sure this story of meth toxins doesn’t happen to others, and my DORA approved programs are being taught across the state, and soon across the nation!”


~Paula Friedland and Lizanne Corbit, Co-founders of Soul Speaks


As a result of working with Kami, we got more clear on our branding, grew our exposure and reached more women. Kami does not take a cookie cutter approach in her coaching – it’s extremely personalized to each client. This is SOOO refreshing. It allowed us to be more vulnerable and get to the deeper essence of work we’re meant to bring into the world.”

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~Laura Rubin, The Midlife Strategist

“I was looking for a business coach who understood what it meant to lead from the heart. I found her in Kami.”

“I had been involved in previous coaching and masterminds that provided me with the tools to build a website, sales funnels and more – what I would consider the masculine/nuts and bolts of developing a business. I wanted to apply these strategies in a more soulful way. Kami’s coaching and mastermind was more than just learning to run a business. It helped me raise up my authentic voice and hone my message.

I have become a confident speaker appearing on numerous podcasts and hosting multiple live events. I have developed a successful program and I am confident in my ability to make a difference in my client’s lives. I believe the sky is the limit for my business.”

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~Meg Hogan, Organizational Development and HeartMath Consultant and Coach, Build Resilience


Kami helped bring a huge dose of clarity and confidence for the new work into my life; and an action plan, enabling me to create a life doing more of what makes me feel alive! Today I love the work I’m doing, because I am making a difference! Working with Kami is a transformational deep dive. Her credibility is endless; her toolbox varied and creative, mystical and practical; her compassion huge and her vision clear. All of this, and more, is yours so you can know your talents and gifts, and live a life you love sharing them with the world.”


~Isabella Zaczek, IZ Consulting

“Kami is the perfect ying and yang of being direct as well as incredibly empathetic, providing this unique blend of intuition, personal experience and wisdom.”

My private coaching sessions with Kami provided unbelievable support in building up my confidence. I was all over the place with my messaging, wanting to try 500 things at the very same time. I desperately needed structure. Kami helped me with focusing on my top priorities which also encouraged me to participate in a WBENC pitch competition and getting started with my very own podcast. If there is one thing for sure, Kami absolutely showed me what finding and raising my own voice looks and feels like!”


~Rita Devassy, high tech leader turned mindful leadership coach and consultant, Deva Seed


“Kami helped me refine a very broad target market for my business – into a much more focused target audience I loved. I got clear about who I wanted to spend time with and how I wanted to feel working with my clients. This in-depth process to truly know my audience helped me in two important ways: 1) to speak their language; 2) and even more importantly, deliver value in the programs I create. It’s become the foundation of my business that will only evolve as my relationships with my wonderful clients deepens and grows.”


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