Story Spotlights – Women Raising Up their Voice for Impact

Story Spotlights – Women Raising Up their Voice for Impact

Kami’s clients are raising up their voices to make a difference in the world! Meet some of these changemaker women and listen to their powerful stories! If you’re looking for speakers for your events, or guests for your podcasts, please consider booking one of these extraordinary women!

Sherry Hess - Saving the Earth One Flavor at a Time

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If the whole world could hear one message from you...

We are born with an innate nutrition detection tool- our sense of taste! When we understand flavor from living vibrant sources of food we can understand that delicious food is indeed healthy food.


As the founder of The Flavor Remedy & Let’s Talk Taste with Sherry, I advocate for our ability to detect nutrition through our senses. My extensive culinary & gardening background inspires me to teach the connection between flavor & health.

Where I've Spoken

Podcasts I’ve Been On

Cynthia Farrell - Building Legacy Leaders, Teams and Cultures

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Excel as a legacy leader. Build legacy talent and culture. Achieve legendary business results.


Cynthia Farrell is a talent, leadership and organizational culture expert who works with high-growth organizations to build and execute talent strategies and culture initiatives that ensure legendary business results and a positive leadership legacy.

Where I've Spoken
  • USPEA Annual Womens’ Leadership Conference: Authentic Leadership – What’s Your Shield?
  • ABILITY Network Annual Leadership Meeting: Building a Values-Based Culture
  • The Schwan Food Company Bi-Annual Leadership Meeting: Authentic Leadership – How You Work and How You Lead
  • Optum, a UnitedHealth Group Company: Managing Transitions During Times of Change
  • Annual Employee Onboarding Conference: Designing the New Employee Experience; Financial Analysis to Support Your Onboarding Business Case

Arezou Zarafshan - Founder and CEO of Call Emmy

Arezou Zarafshan, CEO & Founder of Call EMmy
If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Think big and let’s get it done, already! When you think big, you play big and the world needs nothing more than each one of us playing big.


Arezou is the founder and CEO of Call Emmy, a digital marketplace that connects local household service providers with busy professionals and parents. Arezou is recognized as a Colorado Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business.

Where I've Spoken
  • Rise Collaborative Workspace
  • GoDaddy Small Business Community
  • Denver Startup Week
  • Boulder Startup Week
  • Speakers Corner with Westmeath Communications
  • Foresee Annual Customer Engagement Conference

Podcasts I’ve Been On

Nicole Trick Steinbach - International Bravery Coach

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If the whole world could hear one message from you...

We consistently overestimate what BRAVE demands of us, and we consistently underestimate what BRAVE creates with us.


Nicole is on a mission to re-define BRAVE towards following our own paths, collaborating for shared success, and building a career that matters to you.

Where I've Spoken
  • Grace Hopper Celebration 2019, 2020, 2021
  • WomenTECH Global
  • Women in Tech GLOBAL
  • STEM Reimagined
  • American Change Management Professionals, Multiple Chapters
  • South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce
  • SAP Global Business Women’s Network
  • European Change Network Conference
  • APJ SAS Executive Network Annual Meeting
  • Talent and Development Network Conference


Laura Rubin - Reformed Hustler Living Life on Her Terms


Podcast One Sheet – Laura Rubin Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

When we step into courage to forget the hustle and rewrite our definition of success, we give ourselves permission to play, prioritize pleasure, live an exceptional life and so much more.


I teach battle-weary corporate/entrepreneurial women how to forget the hustle. Empowering them to free themselves from society’s rules of success and build new habits to create an exceptional life on their terms. Think simplify to amplify.

Connie Jones - Success Coach for Entrepreneurs

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Speaker Sheet – Connie Jones Speaker Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Warrior Arise! The world needs your magic.


Connie Jones helps high achieving entrepreneurs shatter ceilings to live fulfilled and soar in next level success!

Where I've Spoken
  • Rotary Club International
  • American Business Women’s Association
  • Business Women of Fayette and Coweta County
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Southside Church Women’s Ministry
  • First Presbyterian Church Women’s Ministry
  • South Atlanta Business Association
  • Georgia Pacific Leadership Team Annual Meeting (Lumber Division)
  • Georgia Department of Drivers Services Annual Meeting
  • Kiwanis Club


Podcasts I’ve Been On

Chelle Johnson - Amplify Your Awesome

Chelle headshot

Podcast One Sheet – Chelle Johnson Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

It’s time women know their worth and feel their innate power. I challenge you to see beyond your limitations, to amplify your clarity, find your confidence and build courage in your career journey.


Chelle is a career ally, change maker, and positive mental fitness authority that helps people get crystal clear on who they are and what they want. She helps high achievers and diversity allies have abundance in their career and life.

Where I've Spoken
  • eWow
  • WomenTech Global Conference
  • Wonder Women Tech LatinX
  • Braven


Podcasts I’ve Been On

Kathi McCarty - On a Mission to Protect Homes & Lives


Podcast One Sheet – Kathi McCarty Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Certified Meth Experts state well over 50% of properties tested have meth contamination. Trace, mild & high levels.


I am the proud Mama Bear of 3, a Meth Toxins Educator, Safety Advocate & Erin Brockovich Fangirl! A desire to protect is at the heart of who I am and what I do. I turned my mess into a mission!

Where I've Spoken
  • Buyer Beware Meth Toxins in Real Estate (12 classes 500+ Realtor & Affiliate Attendees)
  • You Define Wellness Webcasts & FB Lives
  • Extraordinary Women Online Events

Podcasts I’ve Been On

Donna Mazzitelli - A Word Heartiste

Mazzitelli_Featured Image

Podcast One Sheet — Donna Mazzitelli Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Allow yourself to be written—you and your story matter.


Donna Mazzitelli is an award-winning writing coach, editor, and publisher, and founder of Writing With Donna and Merry Dissonance Press. Donna supports writers to connect with their stories and craft them with heart.


Shelly Schell - Women, and their Relationships to Money!

Shelly color
If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Inspiration. Motivation. Education. The 3 Pillars Women Need to Create an Enduring Relationship with their Money.


As a Financial Advisor with over 22 years of experience,  and more importantly, my passion to help others, I  Inspire, motivate and educate women to create a relationship with money to  help them realize their goals and feel empowered.

Bailey Katherine Konieczka - Holistic Interior Designer

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Shift the way that we consume and fill our homes, and together we can lead the change for good for our society as a collective.


Bailey Katherine Interiors provides support and guidance on your journey to a holistic home through spiritual based intentionality and sustainable practices.


Cheryl Ilove, The FemiNinja Project, Holistic Design, Peace and Healing

Kristyn Cozad - Illuminating Purpose

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

When we reclaim the deepest truth of who we’re uniquely created to be, we make the decision to come home to ourselves. That decision allows our gift to be fully expressed to a world in need of healing.


I do a deep dive coaching process that guarantees women connecting with their core values, gifts and purpose in all areas of life so that they may live a life of great contribution and fulfillment. I speak to the unique gifting and treasure that lies within each woman’s own heart.

Where I've Spoken
  • Corporate wellness speaker for Be Fit Body
  • Non profit Dress for Success
  • Women’s networking events
  • Denver United

Tara McFarland - Changing the Conversation in Engineering

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Podcast One Sheet – Tara McFarland Podcast One-Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

How would your teams function if vulnerability and empathy are as important as technical skill?


With 20+ years of design and project management, I bring a depth of knowledge of the engineering industry to my work and empathize with every engineer out there who seeks a different way of being at work, but is unsure how to unlock it.

Nancy J. McKay - Helping Women Change their Relationship with Alcohol

Nancy J McKay

Podcast One Sheet — Nancy J. McKay Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

You can’t be courageous without first being vulnerable.


Nancy offers proven strategies and support to help you recognize the hold alcohol has on your life so that you can be free from its pull, no matter what. Nancy J. McKay completely changed course at the age of 60 to create a life filled with purpose and passion!

Mariah Ehlert - Telling Your Story Without Saying a Word

Portraits, Travel
If the whole world could hear one message from you...

The time is NOW to live your dreams, others need you to get out there and do it.


Mariah Ehlert, a personal branding photographer, is an empathetic visionary and brain science nerd working with heart-centered entrepreneurs to show your story, your spirit, to elevate your business, and make it all easy and stress free. Even fun.

Where I've Spoken
  • Empowering Women Workshop
  • Colorado Free University
  • Neurosculpting Institute
  • Sanctuary Studio
  • Women in Construction
  • Voyage Denver
  • Healing Ground Movement


Ariana Strozzi Mazzuchi - Embodied Leadership for Healthy Success

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

The next leadership frontier is of a spiritual nature. Now is the time to stand for dignity and respect for all creatures and Mother Earth.


Ariana’s mission is to inspire change makers to incorporate an interconnected approach to their leadership. In this way the human world and the natural world become an intertwined exchange of life-affirming balance.

Where I've Spoken
  • Institute for Noetic Science
  • Institute for Women’s Leadership
  • Institute of Generative Leadership
  • Strozzi Institute
  • Prescott College
  • Newfield Network
  • New Era Training
  • Equine Guided Education Association
  • Western Coast Horse Expo
  • Petaluma Business & Professional Women
  • Petaluma’s Leadership Circle
  • Eagala

Podcasts I’ve Been On

Simone Giangiordano - Illuminating the BalanceUP® Lifestyle

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

The Courage to Say, “I Can’t,” Will Set You Free.


Simone gives voice to the idea that societal and cultural norms are far more limiting that any limitation you may have. You have the power to make your business work with the life YOU desire. Simone is a BalanceUP® Lifestyle & Business coach helping entrepreneurs with compromised health transform their lives, their businesses, and their well-being.

Ashara Morris - Listen to your Animal. They are Wise.


Podcast One Sheet – Ashara Morris Podcast One Sheet

Speaker One Sheet – Ashara Morris Speaker One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

Our animals know things. Listen to them.


Ashara Morris listens. To the hearts of all of the animals, and to the people who need to hear what they have to say.

Where I've Spoken
  • Denver Body Mind Spirit Expo
  • Colorado Springs Body Mind Spirit Expo
  • Extraordinary Women Ignite
  • Touched By A Horse Summit

Tracy Revell - Embodied Confidence: Embrace the Power


Podcast One Sheet – Tracy Revell Podcast One Sheet

Speaker One Sheet – Tracy Revell Speaker One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

It’s time. You’ve been taught to ignore your power-your soul communicating with & through you. Personal Power & Confidence ARE trusting your knowing. It’s time to re-learn & rock your life!


Tracy empowers you to BE the confident & Feminine woman who gets things done for herself. Her life has been a powerful journey of healing on many levels, teaching her the gift of helping others own their unique Personal Power & Rock Their Lives!

Where I've Spoken
  • Denver Business Journal
  • Adventures in Transformation
  • The Greatest Year of Your Life, various meetings in Denver
  • Be the Change in Florida and Las Vegas
  • Speak in Atlanta
  • BraveHeart Women in Arizona
  • Women’s Workshop in San Francisco

Susan Eckert MA, CH - Feminine Empowerment Coach


Podcast One Sheet – Susan Eckert Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

When women are free to express their feminine power in the workplace CIO will stand for Collaboration & Intuition Orchestrator.


I empower women to reclaim feminine strengths & awaken dormant SoulSeeds (innate gifts & talents) so we can stop fighting against the grain of who we are and know that who we are born to be is enough as we confidently align with SoulPurpose.

Where I've Spoken
  • Professional Photographers Association Annual Conference – Photographing Body & Soul: Transformation Through the Camera
  • AIBP- What’s Your WHY: Achieving Renewal and Rebirth in Your Business


Podcasts I’ve Been On

Liz Morgan - The Art & Science of Health & Decadence


Podcast One Sheet – Liz Morgan Podcast One Sheet

If the whole world could hear one message from you...

The most broken part of the earth’s ecosystems is the humans. We must heal ourselves to understand what the earth needs from us.


Functional Nutritionist specializing in deep healing for people and planet. Become a loving, knowledgeable & empowered caretaker of your body. Overcome the root causes of chronic illness: Digestion, sugar handling, inflammation.

Where I've Spoken
  • Colorado Mountains Club, Denver, CO
  • Out Here Yoga, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Rakta Yoga, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Yoga Olas, Salida, CO
  • Watershed, Buena Vista, Colorado
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