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Stepping into Your Biggest Potential: The Yin Yang Dance of Your Life

Stepping into Your Biggest Potential: The Yin Yang Dance of Your Life

P1000783I am a healer.

For years, I have rejected the label of healer. It seemed a little too woo-woo for this former corporate gal. A little too big of a claim. Too edgy, too wishy-washy, too far out there.

The ironic thing is that I’ve had three separate mentors ask me to claim my healing domain in the past  month.  After a lot of pondering, I’m making this declaration.  I am a healer.

I know I have the capacity to heal souls. I’ve experienced it on my clients’ journeys. There is a great deal of healing that occurs when I take a client deep into their journey, helping them awaken something in their soul.  There is healing when they discover the answers to the questions they’ve been relentlessly seeking.

When a client falls in love with her Self all over again and she remembers her soul’s purpose – there is healing. When her inner light shines more brightly than it ever has before – there is healing. There is healing in the exploding momentum that propels her from a mundane, stuck place in her journey into colorful new beginnings.

When I put healer into these terms, I claim a big resounding YES to being a healer.

I also declare that I am an intuitive. For this is another label I have often kept quiet. I know things in my very gut, if I simply listen and trust. I get lightning bolt signals from my body that tell me when things are right for me… or wrong for me. I get goosebumps when a client hits on something that is a life altering truth in their world. Yes, I have intuitive gifts as well.

So I am going to be loud and proud that I am a healer. I am going to be loud and proud that I am an intuitive. And I know that this newfound acknowledgement will spiral new possibilities into my life, simply by laying this bedrock foundation.

Why is it that we soften some of our biggest strengths? Perhaps we put more weight on an image we want to project. Or perhaps some of our gifts are not fully honed and we’re merely learning how to use them. Or perhaps our ego and mind are just saying, “Hell no, you’re not going there!”  In all cases, our light gets dimmed when we don’t own all of our gifts.

What if we show up as our authentic self – fully exposing our gifts in the world? That’s where we step into our full potential.

Both the healing and intuitive sides of me work from Yin – my soul place. For this is more about being and feeling. When I am in that space, I am turning off my thinking mind and translating from a deeper knowing. And it’s powerful.

In contrast, the Yang side of me – my mind – is very good at driving and doing. I’ve done this my whole life – it is where my college degrees resonate from and it’s what made me really good in my old corporate exec days. This has even been the driving side of me that has built a successful thriving business.

What I do know however, is that my light shines brightest when I bring both the Yin and Yang sides of me to life.  What I’ve learned in the past few months is that my Yin side of me is calling for nourishment, because I gravitate – like most people in our society – toward the doing side of Yang very easily.

I trust my Yin side in my closest relationships, including with my clients. It’s a comfortable, safe place for others. And it’s comfortable and safe for me. I’m true and I’m authentic here.  I know this authentic side of me well, but I’m still learning to share that more vulnerable side of me to the masses – on a stage and in my writing.

This is hard and takes courage. It means letting walls down and sharing my gifts with an open heart and bared soul. It means trusting in me and my gifts.

One of the greatest advantages of being a coach and entrepreneur is that my spiraling journey in life gets to continuously evolve and expand. I always find it ironic that my own journey often mirrors my clients’ learning cycles, taking my own learning even more deep. When I’m helping that extraordinary soul step into her brightest light and play big and bold in her life, I see my own reflection in in her journey.

And because I passionately believe in the power of coaches and mentors, I choose to surround myself with wise teachers – and often have several that I’m working with at any given time. They stretch me and take me out to the edge of my own comfort zones and guide me to go deeper.  And magic begins to happen. I hear my soul. New opportunities, new insight, new wisdom. A newfound knowing.

I share this because I want you to ponder how you evolve and expand in your own journey. What brings new lights and new beginnings? What vulnerable places do you need to master? I want you to honor your gifts and step into the life-given potential that awaits you. My hope is that your soul has space to light up and shine, and bring you the messages that are hidden just beneath the surface, if you only will listen.  The journey starts here:

  • Your Yin Yang Equilibrium: Do you take time for being, or are you always doing-doing? In our Yang-driven society, how do you nourish your Yin – your soul place?

When you wake up in the morning, don’t jump into the “what am I going to do today?” right away. Instead, ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” and take time to just be.

Perhaps you meditate. Perhaps you journal or just have a cup of coffee in a quiet space listening to nature.  Most importantly, leave your cell phone and email alone first thing in the morning, until you’ve made space for you.

  •  Your Hidden Gifts and Talent: Are there gifts and talents you own that you’re not fully stepping into or perhaps soften for certain audiences? Consider why you dim your light in these circumstances? What if you were to shine this light more brightly? Like my declaration of healer and intuitive, what label – a talent, strength or gift – do you want to declare? How can you share that with the world? Let’s hear you loud and proud!

I invite you to make time in your life to play in these ponderings and more importantly to dance between the Yin and Yang in your life more regularly.  Be curious. Be aware. And most importantly find time to just BE! That’s where the clues to your biggest potential lies.

If you are serious about shining your brightest light on the world, grab one of my limited complimentary Yes-to-You Strategy Sessions and let’s make it happen!






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