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Six Ways You Can Start Saying Yes-to-You!

Six Ways You Can Start Saying Yes-to-You!

Today I’m declaring a Yes-to-Me Day! As a coach, I know how important it is that I ‘put on my own oxygen mask first.’ If I don’t take care of me – from a heart, soul and body perspective – I won’t show up whole for my clients’ needs.

So when the universe shifts schedules and suddenly I have a day without meetings or commitments, I’m happy to transform it into a day to write, dream and tune into the inner messages that are just beneath the surface.

As I reflect in gratitude on the whole week, I am thankful for the ways I have been able weave Yes-to-Me into the flow of my life. Visions from the week include mid-day walks in nature, a romp in the snow with my new lab pup, Milo, and a shared moment of closeness and breath with my Paint mare, Sugaree.

My husband I shared a delicious and romantic dinner overlooking Evergreen Lake, with nice glass of wine. We relished in the warmth of a great bike ride, heart’s pumping and smiles shining. I got a good tune-up from my acupuncturist and today Spring is bringing some brilliant Colorado sunshine to refuel my Vitamin D after a long winter.

I smile in this recollection, because I realize for perhaps the first time in my life – I’ve gotten pretty good at saying yes-to-me – to declaring what’s most important in life and making time for it. This hasn’t always been the case. Even as an entrepreneur, there are times when I felt like I was running on a treadmill to make all that I wanted to make happen – happen!

Creating a lifestyle that provides space for me, amidst the demands of entrepreneurial-ship and life in general didn’t come naturally. My own coach had to shake me into awareness that I was headed back to those 60-70 hour work weeks of my former corporate days. It was time to set boundaries. I learned to recognize the warning signals that my body was sending when life was getting out of hand. To get to a yes-to-me state of balance, I had to learn where to say no – and to make time for the things that are most important in my life.

As my reflection into the week continued, I also found gratitude for the thriving flow of my business and the amazing clients making extraordinary breakthroughs in their lives. It’s like the circle of my own groundedness is spiraling out into the world and helping others find a new sense of equilibrium that shifts their journeys onto new paths of destination.

Yes, this is beautiful! Yes, I have found my purpose in life. Yes, my clients are finding their purpose! The rippling effect of starting with yes-to-you is huge!

I invite you to make your own Yes-to-You declaration! As you make space for you, here are some pondering points to set your own ripples into motion.

  1. Reflect in gratitude for the gifts in your life, the moments that you cherish and celebrate how you make a difference in the lives of those around you.
  2. Master the art of making good choices on how you spend your time. Understand what matters most to you and create space in your life for this. Treat time like the valuable resource that it is.
  3. Set boundaries. Learn to say no. Turn off the noise of your monkey mind and the technology and people that contribute to this. There’s a space of time for everything – focus on one thing at a time.
  4. Understand who you are at your essence and what makes your heart dance. Invite the inspiration into your life that feeds your soul. If your heart isn’t dancing every day, don’t wait another day. Life is too short. Declare yes-to-you now.
  5. Dream and envision all the possibilities that can be. So many people never reach their full potential – their life’s destiny – because they don’t play in this space! Declare your legacy and how you will matter.
  6. Take action! It’s that first step that starts the motion of what can be. The second step will come easily and third even more so.

If you’re ready to say Yes-to-You, I would like to gift you a complimentary Yes-to-You Strategy Session! Together, we’ll play in the questions that matter most to your heart and help inspire the motion to create your own pool of ripples into the world.

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