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Road tripping life

Road tripping life

We knew the general path we’d take, as we headed out on a 4 hour road trip yesterday to the Colorado mountain town of Crested Butte.  As in life, what unfolds on each section of the journey provides glimpses of new, spectacular beauty.  A journey of unknown.  A place to tune out noise and tune into the pure essence of life all around us.

The carpeted mountains of yellows and oranges gave way to ice-painted trees and patches of snow covered forests on the highest passes. Antelope cantered across sage filled mountain plains.  A river valley filled with a half dozen soaring hawks playing in the breezes of a perfect Colorado blue-sky day.

My imagination ran big in the small mountain towns moving at a slower pace, as I made up stories in my mind of the people I encountered.   How did they spend their days?  What has their journey been?  What makes their heart sing and dance? Where had they stepped into their inner courage? I knew that each one had a special story and a unique journey they had traveled throughout their lives.

And in-between the contemplative quiet moments, my husband and I laughed and shared stories, which in turn invoked deeper contemplation and insight into life.

The serenity of a road trip provides a quiet playground for our minds to tune into our hearts and souls.  And this was apropos, as I was taking this trip for my own personal retreat.  To breathe life into how I want to matter in our world and the legacy I want to leave.

For I ask myself these questions on a regular basis.  The transformation of my life from executive to entrepreneur was grounded on life questions like these.  The growth that I manifest each year is seeded by pondering meaning and purpose and desire.

May I never settle into a life without the soul-inspired deep seeking questions, which give me the courage to continuously stretch into a new realm.  These questions unfold new sections of my journey – which like the road trip, continue to present wonder and thriving energy into my world.

As I awoke this morning, my cleansed mind was bursting with new ideas and focused plans for 2015.  I kissed my husband as he headed out for his conference, leaving me in a quiet hotel room with a great view of a mountainous snow-covered range.  And with a rainbow of colors, I wallpapered the room with flip charts of ideas and strategies, dreams and actions – charting a year that inspires and excites me.  The plans are set into action with just a day of focus.

With the dawning of the new year just around the bend, perhaps it’s time you stopped to ponder in your own important questions.  Here are a few questions that can start your road trip into new year:

  1. What legacy do you want to leave?  Imagine it’s your 80th birthday.  Who’s around you?  What stories are being told honoring your legacy?  How have you mattered?
  2. What makes your heart sing and dance?  What fills you full of inspiration?  Are you playing in this every day?
  3. What do you want to change in in the new year?  How long have you been wanting this change?  Is this the year you will manifest it?  What if the new year doesn’t bring about this change, how will you feel a year from now?
  4. Are you playing in the comfort zone of life or are you stepping into your courage to live life large?  Are you bringing all of your gifts into this world in the way you’re supposed to?

I invite you to pick just one of these questions and see what unfolds.  Share the questions with a friend.  Or sign up for your own personal strategy session where we can jumpstart your road trip into the new year – for this is what fills me with inspiration.  It’s how I matter.  It’s what makes my heart sing and dance.  And yes, I play in it every day.  My hope is that you discover your next big beautiful journey in this world and step into it with the passion and determination that you deserve!  Much love friends.

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