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Wandering Wayseeker

Wandering Wayseeker

Hello Wandering Wayseeker,

You’re quite the successful woman. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, earned recognition in the office and your life is full of commitments to community, family and professional aspirations. You’ve been on the same track for many years and life has always been both comfortable and predictable. You like to stay busy and keep learning. But now something is off. You just know it. Lately, it feels like you’re just going through the motions. You feel it in your bones, yet your intuition is fuzzy. And every time you get distracted with it, a busy schedule swallows you up again. But this deep knowing won’t go away. What’s happening? What’s next? Could you really make a big change? What would it be? What’s missing? Where would you begin?

I totally get it! I was once in this same spot. I had to find my own clarity, and it was through that journey that I left my corporate job and launched into starting my own company. I had to reconnect to my heart, my soul and my inner wisdom! Watch my video above to hear more about my story!


There are three things I recommend to find your way out of wayseeking and into clarity:

1) First, is to slow down and tune in. Take time in nature to just be. Tune out the constant noise that peppers your day and make quiet space to hear what your heart wants you to know. Journal, go on a walk and give your inner voice a chance to express herself!

2) Recall the times in your life where you felt lit up and on fire… What strengths, talents and passions were you tapping into? How might you engage your nature-given gifts in new ways? Are you using your strengths – those things you are best at – today, or have you strayed away from those gifts meeting the needs of others? As women, we often make choices that serve the needs of others – be it our companies or our families. What are you passionate about? Go engage in something you love to do!


3) Have your values shifted? I believe losing touch with our values is often the driving force behind that calling we get, that urging that sounds like, “I want something more in my life, but I don’t know what it is.” Sometimes it’s shapeshifting values that are the driving force—kids have grown up and life is just different than it was ten or fifteen years ago. At other times, it’s soul values that have not been nurtured for years. Oftentimes, it’s both. It really doesn’t matter which type of values are out of balance in your life. What matters is whether, right now in this time and place, you’ve lost alignment to what’s most important in your life. Tuning into values provides a giant clue as to what is calling within, into your longing for something more.

Your story is unique to you and unlike any other person’s. You can learn to recognize the signposts in your life that are calling for change—those clues that are there to point you in the direction you’re meant to go and guide you through important decisions along the way. Signposts are probably already showing up in your life because you’re here doing this quiz. Your heart knows. She’s calling.

I love to help my clients find clarity in what’s calling to them and find clarity in their “what’s next!” We sort through those signposts that are showing up in their life and start to make sense of why their heart is feeling restless! This is the first step toward developing a passionate and meaningful next chapter in your life.

My book, Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose shares my own journey to clarity and purpose and is full of tools to take your journey to your ‘what’s next,’ whatever that might be for you! This is where the Soulful Transformation starts. You can download a free Firedancer workbook which provides you with 53 pages of deep contemplation from Discover, to Dreaming to defining your Destiny. It’s my gift to you.  

And if you’d like to find out if one of my coaching programs is right for you, let’s jump on one of my Soulful-Inspired Strategy Sessions and jump start your next chapter!

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