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Putting your house in order

Putting your house in order

It seems I’ve been in building mode a lot this summer – in all aspects of my life.

My husband and I started building a small deck on the back side of our house. Now we’re not generally the deck-building-type, so we decided to take it weekend-by-weekend, in an unrushed methodical step-by-step approach, watching You Tube videos and talking to experts and moving into action.  The cool thing is, so far its working and I expect that we’ll have a new deck off of our kitchen by the end of the summer. And to top it off, we’re kind of having fun with this whole process.

Then there are the multi-moving pieces of building a book launch. Envisioning what can be, researching how you do a book launch, creating project plans and building all the moving pieces that accompany birthing a book into the world – from web sites to social media memes to parties.

Finally, I spent my most of this week building a rebranded web site, rewriting content, trying on different layouts, bringing in new video, imagery and even colors. The web site upgrade wasn’t something I had been planning. But it was like one of those home remodeling projects where you paint a room, and suddenly you realize there are fifteen other projects that need to be done along with that. The freshness of one part of your house, makes you realize that other things need updating (that’s how that deck project happened also!)

And yes, this happens in life also. When we start to put one part of our life in order – be it health, wellness, happiness, relationships, passion – we become more aware that other parts of our life also might need attention. When one part of our life becomes all bright and shiny, the parts that need a touch-up call out to us, saying “Me next!” It’s all about putting our house of life in order.

So I have some questions for you to ponder on this weekend!

  • What parts of you and your life are feeling shiny and bright? These are the places where you feel most alive and happy. Write these down in celebration.
  • What parts of your life are calling for a bit of attention? Are you having any “me next” callings? I invite you to give that part of you and your life a little love.
  • Are there ways that you’re showing up that no longer reflects who you are, as you’ve evolved and changed? Perhaps your values have shifted. Are you standing in the very shiny essence of you every day? This is how you take your light out into the world and really make a difference.

As you take time in these questions, chances are, there are some parts of your life that need a little freshening up! It’s easy to get caught into the rhythm of day-to-day life and not even see the cobwebs or peeling paint of life that’s there to see, if we just stop to see it. And once you see it, throw on your builder’s hat.

  1. Set the vision – what is it you’d like life to look like? How does it feel to be living that life? Write it down.
  2. Research – talk to others who have been successful in that area of life. What’s worked for them and how did they make the shifts?
  3. Let go and make space – what is no longer serving you in your life? Perhaps it’s how you spend your time? Perhaps it’s outdated relationships that leave you feeling drained and dull. Perhaps it’s a general clearing to make more space for what you love.
  4. Take action – Shoot for consistent small steps that lead to big action. This is how change comes to us. In fact, if you give it time and space with consistent and thoughtful action, you will evolve with wisdom, passion and knowingness.

So happy building to you! Let me know what you expose and discover! And if you want a little help putting your house in order, I’ve got all kinds of great tools here on my newly web site – from quizzes, to complimentary strategy sessions, to downloadable workbooks! Go check it out!

Much love,


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