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Podcasting will #RaiseUP Your business

Podcasting is HOT! In 2020, thirty-seven percent of the US population (104 million) had listened to a podcast in the last month – up from thirty-two percent in 2019. Twenty-four percent (68 million) listen to podcasts weekly. And forty-five percent of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000.*

What Podcasting Has Done for My Business!

Podcasting has been the number one contributing factor to the exponential grown my business has had over the past several years!

Between hosting Extraordinary Women Radio and guesting on dozens of other shows, I have reached hundreds-of-thousands of listeners around the world – creating exponential revenue growth, increasing brand awareness and growing my attendance to live and virtual events.

What Podcasting Has Done for my Clients’ Businesses

My online community of changemaker women has grown in multitudes and with that, their worldly impact and growth expands daily. It’s a ripple effect that we make together. Their businesses also have grown exponentially, and they have reached new markets, new clients and expanded their voice and visibility around the world!

What Podcasting Will Do For Your Business

Growth in your business. Bottomline.

Podcasts can help you #RaiseUP your thought leadership authority, build brand awareness and even more importantly increase your Know, LOVE and trust factor with your ideal clients.  

Podcasting is the number one strategy to grow you business in a pandemic and beyond. With the increased podcast listenership, there is not an easier to get your message in front of thousands of your ideal clients.

You have a message to get out into the world; an impact to make! I will teach you how to:

  • Be an extraordinary podcast host that gets you invited on even more podcasts – because you’re such an extraordinary interviewee!
  • Deliver your most powerful stories and messages to create more leads, more revenue and grow your communities of impact!
  • Build a Know, LOVE and Trust factor that has your audiences wanting more of you and your magic!
  • Turn this magic into money coming through your door!

How YOU can get on more podcasts!

There are three easy ways to get on more podcasts:

  • My team will research and book you on podcasts from our extensive list of great podcast shows! When you become a Podcast Connector client, I will help you build the right strategy aligned to your goals and provide you with the  #RaiseUP Your Podcast Guest Mastery skillsets, to ensure you maximize your impact on the shows you get booked on. We are only taking a limited number of clients at this time into this program.
  • Join us for a free weekly #PodcastConnector post each Tuesday on Extraordinary Women Connect Facebook Group, with a #FindAGuest and #BeAGuest postings.
  • Affordable Pitch-Yourself with our partner PodMatch
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PodcastConnectorTM  will provide you with a wide directory of guests and hosts to help you grow your podcast and brand:

  • Stand out and gain more traction with your audience
  • Learn the technology and business savvy you need to build your business around podcast marketing
  • Utilize an easy access resource to carry your voice further into the world
  • Connect with other great podcasters and guests
  • Be part of an influential network of entrepreneurs to collaborate with and gain support from

Your PodcastConnectorTM Booking Package will include:

  1. Strategic planning session with me to define your target, core messages and strategic goals of your podcasting initiatives. I will be taking you through my signature “Expert Source” programming to ensure your message is leading edge and client attracting. In addition, we will help you determine your interview Call to Action, designed to bring more people into your community.
  2. Access to the Prosperous Podcast Guest online training to maximize your impact on podcasts, aligned with your strategic business goals.
  3. Professionally designed one-sheet to promote you to our podcast partners, and keep your interviews focused on the topics you want to cover.
  4. You will have a dedicated booking agent who will meet with you monthly to track progress. Your agent will work with you to develop a monthly pace of  episodes; as well as research podcasts that are in alignment with your goals and perform custom pitches. We have developed relationships with hundreds of podcast hosts through my Extraordinary Women Connect Community, and in in addition, we are leveraging nearly a dozen different lists and communities to ensure we bring your message to the right shows.
  5. Listing in our partner PodMatch site, as well as my own client site, to provide you exposure to many podcasts.
  6. 15 targeted bookings on podcasts to #RaiseUP your thought leadership status and expand your exposure to your ideal clients.

With our partner, Podmatch, you will have access to not only state-of-the-art AI matching services to find the right podcasts and guests for you but also:

  • Event schedule and guest list management services
  • Dedicated host and guest pages
  • Filter and search options for finding the right match
  • Internal messaging to communicate with potential guests and hosts
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Each Tuesday, on the Extraordinary Women Connect Facebook group, join us for a free weekly #PodcastConnector post. It’s all about connecting great podcast guests to great podcast hosts!

Here’s how you play!
👉If you’re a Podcast Host or someone who does Facebook lives looking for guests, start your comment to this post with these two hashtags: #PodcastConnector #FindAGuest and then describe the kind of guest you’re looking for!
👉If you’re looking to guest on more shows, start your comment to this post with two hashtags: #PodcastConnector #BeAGuest and tell us about your most important message you want to share with the world, and a few of your key topics.
The Prosperous Podcast Guest: #RaiseUP Your Voice, Visibility and Prosperity 

Free 90 minute training on YouTube!

Join the Prosperous Podcast Guest Six-Week Class to go even deeper!

  • 6 Live Online Classes with Kami
  • Prepare you to pitch and land more podcasts in your business
  • Bring the best YOU to the interview – be a great guest!
  • Equipment Know How
  • Content strategy beyond podcasting
  • Turning your Podcasts into Profit!
Podcast Hosts! 

Are you a podcast host looking for great guests? Sign up to join Podcast Connector and gain access to a network of powerful storytellers and experts curated by Kami, a seasoned changemaker whose core mission is to help you “live out loud”. Simply complete this form and tell us what types of guests you would love to have on your show! 

*Podcast Insights https://www.podcastinsights.com/podcast-statistics/

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