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Extraordinary Women Radio

Extraordinary Women Radio is igniting a new paradigm of entrepreneurship, weaving soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies. This Soul+Strategy™ approach to business is helping women around the globe scale and grow their businesses with a more feminine, abundant approach.

Each week we bring you stories and wisdom from globally recognized entrepreneurs and leaders from around the globe. They share their personal stories of life, success, loss, transition, following dreams and stepping into their courage – and a whole lot of business wisdom.

Join award winning entrepreneur and podcast host, Kami Guildner in these Soul+Strategy conversations to bring more time prosperity and wealth prosperity into your business. Kami is on a mission to #RaiseUP the voice, visibility and businesses of one million extraordinary women entrepreneurs around the world.

For it is changemaking, influential women like you who are leading the way, lighting a path by igniting your wild success to make your lasting mark on the world. Let the wave begin.

Extraordinary Women Radio is listed by Feedspot in the Top 30 Best Women Entrepreneur Podcasts (at #6!) and has been in the Top 10 Best Business Podcasts in the People’s Choice Podcast Awards for the past five years, and won Best Business Podcast in 2018!

Are you interested in applying to be a guest on Extraordinary Women Radio? Learn more about it here.


Kimberly Russo, The Power of Flexibility: Finding Freedom in a Nomadic Lifestyle, Episode 310

I’m thrilled to share my recent vacation with my husband attending the Great Lakes Trawler School. It was an incredible…

Bio Photo Prof. Durreen Shahnaz (with background)

Durreen Shahnaz, Pioneer in Social Impact & Founder of the World’s First Social Stock Exchange, Episode 309

Today’s guest, Durreen Shahnaz, is a story of a powerful, wickedly smart woman. She is a visionary disrupter reshaping the…


Hannah McKitrick, Healing Your Mind, Body, and Soul in the Kitchen, Episode 308

Food and wellness is something that I am passionate about and I’m a big believer that we have to nourish…

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 14.49.38

Christine Laria, Living and Loving Your Truth, Episode 307

Today you are in for a treat as we bring back the extraordinary Christine Laria. She is a true master…


Katrina Sawa, How To Jumpstart Your Business Now, Episode 306

I am excited to introduce you to our guest today, Katrina Sawa. She is an International Award-Winning Speaker, 12-time Int’l…

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Nida Leardprasopsuk, Building Legendary Market Outliers, Episode 305

You’re going to love our guest, Nida Leardprasopsuk. She is a serial entrepreneur, top-tier business consultant, self-identity reinvention coach, and…


Amy Eliza Wong, Living and Leading On Purpose, Episode 304

I’m excited to bring you today’s guest, Amy Eliza Wong. She has a passion for helping people discover meaningful joy…


Erin Marcus, Embracing Authenticity As An Entrepreneur And Leader, Episode 303

One of the things I’ve discovered over all of the years of working with hundreds of clients and talking with…


Vince Kramer, Discovering Your Unique Purpose And The Life You’re Meant To Live, Episode 302

I love to dance in both the spirit and soul side of business along with strategy here on Extraordinary Women…


Iris Goldfeder, All-In-One Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses, Episode 301

I love to talk about marketing and with all the noise in the digital marketing space, you are going to…

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Kami Guildner, A New Paradigm of Entrepreneurship, Episode 300

Today we celebrate our 300th episode of Extraordinary Women Radio and we’re focused on a new paradigm of entrepreneurship that…

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Patty Farmer, Designing a Business that Supports your Lifestyle, Episode 299

Our guest today, Patty Farmer is passionate about helping her clients design the lifestyle they want to live so they…


Kami Guildner, Mindful Strategies for the Growing Up of Your Business, Episode 298

We recently rolled into our 6th year of recording and will be hitting 300 episodes in just two weeks. We…


Jessica Kogan, A Woman in the Male-Dominated Wine Industry: The ROI of Women in Business, Episode 297

As a woman in the traditionally male-dominated field of wine, Jessica Kogan faced numerous challenges, including microaggressions and a lack…


Dr. Sherry Walling, Navigating Grief and Entrepreneurship, Episode 296

We all have tender broken parts inside that have formed within us due to grief. It’s one of those things…

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