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Live Large into Your Extraordinary Self in 2014

Live Large into Your Extraordinary Self in 2014

With the rounding of the new year before us, there is one wish I intend for each and every one of you!  Live Large into Your Extraordinary Self!

Make a commitment to your Self that there will be no playing small in 2014.  For you have gifts to give unto the world – a difference to make.  Who are the real people around you that you can uplift, heal with a smile or guide with wisdom?   They are there, you only need glimpse beyond the edges of your own limiting beliefs.

When you step into your Extraordinary Self, life changes.  The scattered, too-many-things-to-do rhythm of life transforms to intentional sparks of empowerment in a stream of positive flowing life energy.  Things come easily and doors open wide.  The heart settles into a place of deep contentment.  Obstacles melt away to shine light on possibilities that were always there.

So as we embark upon the new year, I invite you to ignite the journey before you with intention.

1)      Slow down, tune in. What are your dreams awaiting to be heard?  What message does your heart share? You can’t hear these callings when you’re going a 100-miles an hour, with a cell phone at your ear and tapping away at a keyboard.  Give yourself a retreat – an hour, an afternoon or a whole weekend to listen.  Tune out of the noise around you and tune into you.

2)      Intimately know your Extraordinary Self. Who are you at your very essence?  Dig into your life stories and uncover what moves you – what you’re passionate about and what brings meaning.  Remember when your heart has danced most intensely.  Look for ways to invite that dance with your Self back into your life.  This is where your personal gifts live.

3)      Share your gifts with your tribe that needs you. I promise there are people that need your gifts.  Where do they hang out?  How do you put yourself in the middle of that circle?  And then just start sharing.  As you do, the stickiness of being stuck gives way.

4)      Then take it a little deeper.  Want deeper inspiration and guidance? Download my free guide, Are you Hearing a Calling for Something More?  4 Questions to Help You Get Unstuck and Start Your Next Chapter.”

5)      Live large.  Expand your thinking beyond your wildest dreams.  Play in the what-ifs and push your Self beyond your edges of comfort.  My gift to you here, is my favorite card from my Pony Pondering Inspiration card deck, “Dancing on the Edge.” Illustrated by a dear friend and fabulous artist, Diana Lancaster, may these words bring inspiration to your journey.

Dancing on the Edge – Shine the spotlight onto the world before you. Dance on the edge and feel your inner strength as you step beyond a world of comfort. Break through to new realms – unknown realms – and let the power of uncertainty unfold.

For today is a day to break through the boundaries – real or imagined. Today is a day to dance in the new possibilities that unfold when you expand your horizons. Leaping with faith into this unknown, knowing that the landing might be a bit bumpy, but more importantly, knowing that you will find your footing and each step will become stronger.

For this is about taking risk – a risk that will feed your body with invigoration, engaging the very being of your nerve endings. Feel the electricity of this energy and embrace it. Feed it with the grounding of the earth, and know that it will move you into a bigger world with more possibilities. Take a chance on this day. Push the boundaries before you further. Live fully into your world as it expands.

So, as we close out 2013 together, I also pledge to live large in this coming year and dance on my own edge.  Let’s grow and explore together. Let’s join in circle and invite our hearts to voice all that we can be!  Let’s own our Extraordinary Self and step out into the world.  If this calls out to you – you’re part of my tribe!  Let’s play!

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