Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse (Demo)

Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse (Demo)

A Leadership Program Unlike Any Other!

Friday, June 10th

Put your leadership skills into practice in a unique leadership development program guided by the power of the horse. Teams discover new ways of working together and leaders experience the intricacies of leadership styles.  The horse as a teacher, mirrors your body language and emotions – bringing new insights in new ways – creating impactful and lasting change.

Learning Objectives

  • Getting great leaders in touch with their whole mind: body. Balanced leaders work from a place of authenticity, grounded in their strengths and personal values.  Horses help you connect to your inner leader, and provide real world leadership practicalities.
  •  Engaging others to be part of your “herd” requires mastery of communication, collaboration and shared leadership.  Horses heighten the awareness of leadership styles, team dynamics and effective communication.
  •  Evaluate how emotions affect our abilities as leaders and experience the importance of being grounded and incorporating right-brain thinking to enhance communications and create innovation.
  •  Assess the authenticity of your leadership style, and consider if we lead ourselves effectively, how others follow naturally and without struggle.
  •  Examine your call to leadership.
  •  Set an action plan in place to fully live into your leadership potential.

Syzygy’s Equine Assisted Leadership program is an experiential day to discover positive teamwork and the intricacies of leadership styles in a unique and memorable learning environment (no horse experience required!).  Bring this fun-filled event to your next offsite meeting!  Call us today to learn more!  303.670.7244



Who Should Attend: Executive and emerging leaders in corporate, municipal and non-profit environments

Your Facilitators: Kami Guildner and Sarah Bohnenkamp, Visit our about us page to learn more!


Want a custom team retreat for your company? Syzygy will work with you to develop a program integrated to your company’s strategic initiatives. Just email us at info@syzygy-co.com to get started!

What others have said about developing their leadership skills through the Eyes of the Horse!

Greg Betsinger, Regional Leader, Edward Jones.  “My leadership team participated in a Syzygy Equine Guided leadership workshop to create clarity of purpose as a team and build esprit de corp. The event was organized and championed by one of the team. I admit that at first, I was skeptical of the concept.  However, I can honestly say I was astounded by the intuitive nature of horses.  The equine assisted process of creating clarity through interaction with the horses created a real paradigm shift in our thinking as a team.

We are a tighter knit bunch for having gone through this workshop together.  We understand each other at a level never experienced prior.  We got clear on our outcome as a team and our respective roles in achieving that outcome.  We grew as people and as leaders that day.  I am now able to articulate a compelling vision for our company which inspires and motivates our employees in a way I could not prior to the event. I would recommend without reservation this unique team and vision building event to any organization.”

Lisa Nieth, Leadership Development & Training at American Family Insurance, “I attended Syzygy’s “Leadership Through the Eyes of a Horse” in 2012. Syzygy has a unique way of helping individuals grow and reach their potential through the connections with nature and horses. Having attended many seminars on leadership, I found this to be the most inspiring session I’ve attended. Through self-reflection, questioning and observation, Kami and her team reach people quickly with a warm heart and open mind. I appreciated the time I was able to spend and have walked away gaining much more than I ever imagined.”

Christine Kopec-Testolini, Founder & President  of Avante Leadership Group.  “Syzygy’s Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse Program is a powerful experiential program for leaders of all levels.  For me, leadership begins from the inside out – and in this workshop, I identified my authentic leadership style, strengths and values. This program’s transformational approach to learning is memorable and impactful, and I highly recommend it!”

Rob Painter, President, General Manager of Intelligent Construction Tools, Joint Venture at Trimble Navigation. “I would highly recommend Syzygy’s Equine Assisted Leadership Training for anyone interested in a non-conventional way to explore leadership!  The combination of getting into nature and the exercises with the horses helped approach leadership from a more grounded place and provided new insights to the impact I have on others. I left the workshop with a greater connection to my own natural leadership abilities. Kami and Sarah have a passion and commitment to transforming positive leadership that is infectious.  Keep that up!”

Kara Kirschner, Brooks-First Credit Union, AZ.  “A leadership seminar unlike any other! The day was eventful, meaningful, and motivational. The horses taught me that what lies in my head and heart has a direct impact over those in my world. They showed me that being a true leader means being willing to follow, to make mistakes, and most importantly, to be authentic. The horses guided me towards brave decisions, bold steps, and a bright future.”

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