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Jam Session Archives

Jam Session Archives

2016 Series

Do you want to be a stronger, more confident, vibrant woman, who shines her light more brightly to the world, so you can create a ripple effect and legacy that really matters? Are you ready to jump out of bed every morning excited for what the day has in store for you? Then join us for the 2016 Syzygy Jam Session series – a monthly microburst of rocking inspiration, designed to awaken the joy, passion and peace in your life.

Jam #1: Rockstar Mindset

Your mindset is the key to all success! How you approach every day as you roll out of bed… how you weave through the happenings of the day… all ultimately shape the results you get! Join us for this microburst of practical tools that you can use right now toward making 2016 a wild success:

• We’ll explore your beliefs – your empowering beliefs that keep you rocking forward and your limiting beliefs that can stop you dead in your tracks.
• More importantly, we’ll show you how can shift those limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs!
• Finally we’ll share 4 Mindset Success tips to ensure you crush your goals in 2016!

Jam Session #2: Four Cores:

Are you ready for another rocking Jam Session with Kami and Sarah? In this 1 hour session, we’re going to touch four areas that when carefully fed and watered, can transform your life (no joke!):

1) Mind: Yes, we talked about mindset last month. And it’s coming back (because it’s that important). How is YOURS right now?
What mindset moxie is working to keep laser focused and empowered? We want you to SHARE with the Syzygy Circle, plus we’ll give you a few ideas on how to continue to cultivate a strong mind. Why? Innovation, creative solutions, compassion, and much more. It’s time to turn on MORE of your magnificent mind.

2) Body: Love your body and your body will love you. Yes, you know the importance of fueling your body well and moving your body on the regular, but this part of your core is deeper than this. We’ll explore how to connect and BE in your body. Feeling more. Trusting more. It’s time to BE in your body and to love on it, more.

3) Spirit: This one looks different for everyone (and that’s just how we like it). How have you been connecting with Spirit lately? What does Spirit want you to know? It’s time to unlock a brand new level of connection to Spirit.

4) Relationships: Why Relationships? Well, because…PEOPLE. We need each other. Relationships matter. It’s time to show some radical love with your relationships (all types—professional, personal, you name it).

Jam Session #3: Hushing Your Inner Critic

Our inner critic always shows up when we’re stepping up into something new and bigger! She’ll tell you you’re not good enough, smart enough, brave enough. Your inner critic is wrong!  During this Syzygy Jam Session will get to know your inner critic – who she is, why she shows up for you and what to do about it!

Jam Session #4: Inner Mentor

During this Syzygy Jam Session we will celebrate National Women’s Day as well as recognize and give a voice to our inner mentors!

Jam Session #5: Daily Rhythm of Your Life

In the Syzygy Jam Session – Daily Rhythm of Your Life, we focus on identifying what is the daily rhythm of our life, and how to create the best flow to our daily lives.  This isn’t time management, this is taking time to listen to what makes your heart sing and using this to establish your own the daily, month and yearly rhythm.

Jam Session #6: Embodying the Brand of You

During this Syzygy Jam Session we will talk about the most important elements that will help us really shine our light out in the world! It’s time to know our gifts and acknowledge how we matter! It’s time to start embodying our essence and purpose!

2015 Series

I hear it every day.  “My life is crazy busy.”  “I’ve been meaning to get to that, but it keeps slipping by.”  “I really want to do that, but timing just isn’t right.”

What if you could take control of your life by applying time-tested principles that deliver better balance, meaning and personal effectiveness? What if you could step into the life you want to be living faster, empowered with a clear sense of purpose, meaning and passion?

Jam Sessions are a monthly microburst of rocking inspiration, time-tested principles and life-changing tools! You’ll join my rockstar partner Sarah Bohnenkamp and I through six power-packed 45-minute webinars designed to have you stepping into action and fine tuning your life journey.

2015 Jam #1: Dancing into your Life Purpose – Making it Real!

What’s your life purpose? What legacy will you leave? You have gifts to give into the world! Ready to find yours?

2015 Jam #2: Time! Time! Time!: The Yes’s, The No’s and Scheduling a Life that’s Your’s!

This online session will help you differentiate between what’s important and urgent and what’s important and not urgent.  You’ll identify the things in your life that are creating a drain on your time with no real meaning!  This power-packed 45 minutes will shift the way you manage your time, empower you to make right choices and give you new time-tested practices you can put into works right away!  You’ll soon find you’re balancing your time with new focus and even finding time you didn’t know existed!

2015 Jam #3: Keeping Track of Life – Tools, Rules and Time-Tracking Jewels

Learn tips and tricks to manage your time effectively! In our last Jam, we talked about time management and the MIND set that is needed for you to rock your time instead of your time rocking YOU! Today we are going to move into ways that we can manage time…SKILLS and TOOLs that can help us whip our time management practices into shape so you truly can live YOUR life on your terms! Take the reins today!

2015 Jam #4: Relationships Matter

In our fourth Syzygy Jam Session you’ll explore the power of the personal relationships in your life (and how they impact your ability to live a life you love!) During our 45-minutes together you’ll:

  • Consider key roles and relationships in your life. Does each feed your soul and fuel your purpose?
  • Identify open seats on your “Personal Board of Directors” and explore ways to attract the perfect people to fill them (think Kevin Bacon and authenticity).
  • Assess the current degree of “win/win” for each important personal relationship and ways you can up the ante.

It’s all surrounding yourself with amazing allies and helpers, creating win/win agreements, and being of service to others.

2015 Jam #5: The Art of Appreciative Listening

In this power packed Jam Session, we’ll explore listening habits that can create stronger, healthier relationships in your life! And not only can you create stronger relationships, you can start to heal any that have lost their footing! Here are the highlights of what we’ll cover!

• How we can get lost in translation – words and the non-verbal communications
• Boost your empathetic listening skills
• Transformation begins the moment you ask an appreciative question (What is an appreciative question you ask? Join us!)

You’ll walk away with new tools and jewels for better listening!

2015 Jam #6: The Sustainability of You

Great insights on how to be sure to take care of you! What happens when you put your nose to the grindstone and you get so busy that you forget to eat? Forget to go to the bathroom? What happens when you haven’t spoken to your bestie in months because you’ve been so busy making things happen? What happens when you start to see the world as a blur and you can’t slow down enough to hear your heart calling? Your body calling? Your soul calling?

Our ability to be awesome, starts to shrink. Our impact in the world isn’t as bold as it could be. And you get tired. Tired of lots of things.

Today, we’re going to give a few tiny gifts that will help you SUSTAIN your ability to ROCK ON! These things take time, attention and pay HUGE rewards.

Watch for upcoming Jam Sessions! We have a whole new of topics that will take you to the next level!

    • Next Jam Session Series starts in January 2016!

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