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Is fear keeping you stuck?

Is fear keeping you stuck?

Over the years of growing my own business, I have had to become friends with my fears. There have been many times that I doubted my capabilities and the possibilities before me. I had to overcome my fear of public speaking and of being seen in my full light. I have shared some of my most vulnerable stories on stage, in my upcoming book Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion & Purpose and with my clients. I have had to learn to look into the eyes of fear and become intimately familiar with her.

I learned about fear—how to acknowledge fear, experience the emotion, and really feel it in my body. And I learned to trust in the abundance of the Universe, because as I made this shift, the energetic flow of abundant resources and people began to flow to me. I had to experience the lessons of fear, for my own personal growth, but also so that I could skillfully guide my clients through their fears as they stepped into their biggest dreams and possibilities.

If you are growing and stepping up into bigger platforms in your life, I can assure you that fear will be your traveling companion on your personal growth journey. Your voice of doubt will show up and tell you that you’re not good enough or smart enough. The oppor­tunity before you is to examine these voices, allow them to be heard, and then embrace them with kindness and love.

And if you don’t get to know your fears, they can keep you stuck! If fear is getting in your way, it might sound like this:

You’re amazing and talented. You have the skills, support and the vision to make your dreams come true. Always proceeding with caution, careful planning is one of your greatest assets. You measure, practice, research and prepare. And this works for you in every endeavor. Your family knows it. Your friends know it. You know it. But now fear is getting in your way.

Low risk tolerance is holding you back. Again. You struggle with the uncertainty of the future, and often insist on more preparation to avoid taking the big plunge. Even with the net of knowing from past successes, you’re afraid of what will happen. What if you fail? What will others think? What if it’s too late for this kind of thing? What if you succeed? How will you handle it?

If this sounds like you, you might be a Vigilant Visionary! It’s time to surround your Vigilant Visionary Self with a bundle of compassion and care. Fear is stopping you in your tracks and will keep you stuck in the what-ifs and what-nots as long as you keep sweeping it under the carpet. How do you get out of this stuck place? You look into the eyes of fear and become intimately familiar with her. Learn to recognize the voice of your inner critic.

There are three things I recommend to make friends with your fear:

  1. Tune into your body – Go do something physically to or with your body – go for a walk or a run, or, one of my favorites, do yoga. Practice slowing your breathing, taking deep intentional and focused breaths. Our bodies are amazing vehicles and a huge source of wisdom and ultimately power for us to tap into. Merely tuning into what we physically feel in our bodies will tell us a great deal about our fears.
  2. Read the Looking into the Eyes of Fear card below from my Pony Pondering deck of cards. I wrote this particular card at a time when I realized that I could no longer sweep fear under the rug! I share this card with you today!
  3. Because I love to help people into their courage and out of their fear, I have opened up a couple of Fear to Courage Strategy Sessions next week! Let’s dig into what’s holding you back and open the doors to what your heart really wants!

I love to help my clients move beyond their fear and become stronger, more confident, and courageous souls, shining their light more brightly out to the world. I love to help them make their mark on the world and leave a legacy that really matters. If you’re ready to move from a vigilant visionary to a courageous visionary, sign up for one of my complimentary Fear to Courage Strategy Sessions today, so you can create a ripple effect and legacy that really matters!

Much love,





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