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Inviting Curiosity and Play into Your Life!

Inviting Curiosity and Play into Your Life!

As I awoke early one morning and pulled the shades of my bedroom to say my ritual ‘good morning’ to the Syzygy herd of horses just off my deck door – I caught a glimpse of one of our rare silver foxes scooting under the fence into my paddock and arena.  His black and silver coat glistened in the morning light and he caught the attention of my grey Swedish Warmblood mare, Destiny Dancer.

Destiny arched her neck in interest, ears up and in her own big warmblood trot joined him in the center of the arena.  In curiosity, they found an energetic connection in their wild, animal ways and began to play.  They’d slow together – turn together – stop together in a respectful, curious, “Who are you?” kind of way. In synchronicity they played in this horse-fox dance based purely on an interest in each other, reflecting each other’s steps.  I sat in awe for a good ten minutes – so fortunate to witness this amazing scene.

This is one of the great joys of living in the foothills of Colorado.  So much nature around us in which to observe, experience and most importantly – learn, if only we listen.

On another day, I had the wonderful experience of seeing two young deer come across the path of a large bull elk. The grandfatherly elk was oblivious to the young deer – or at least he pretended to be.  But the curiosity of young deer was undeniable.  They began their quest of getting close enough to discover what this giant animal was, that towered over them.

Cautiously, they would take dainty, yet brave steps up to him, and then scatter away quickly, kicking up their heels in fun… and then again try to get closer, step-by-step, certainly near enough to smell him as they raised their noses into the air to take in his scent.  Then a little closer – and he would stomp a foot and send them scattering. The young deer played this game for some time and I sat in the valley watching this spectacle.

I am so fortunate to have got to witness both of these beautiful scenes in pure nature as they unfolded.  No words were spoken.  The natural way that the animals connected – cross-species – found interest in one another, played with one-another and let their curiosity be the center of moment.

Is there a lesson for us in our own lives here?  I’d volunteer a big resounding yes!

In our busy, crazy pace of life that we live, we so often forget to stop and be curious about those around us.  We forget to take time to play and be in the wordless moments that can grant us so much wisdom and insight into our own journeys and paths.  Those moments can provide us hints and guidance, if we only turn off our monkey minds of doing to get all done, and honor the quiet space of being.

So I invite you to take some time this spring and summer to just be.  When you hike – stop and sit.  If you feel like moving, dance like no one is watching.  Let it flow.  See what inspiration comes up.

And if you’re so compelled, join in one of the many Syzygy equine guided retreats this summer (no horse experience required) to put yourself in the heart-centered exploration of your own journey of curiosity and play.  You will find yourself in nature, deep in play and personal story.  The horses will guide you, help you tune into your deepest passions and dreams.  You’ll open your own magical curiosity to discover new things about you and your life.  Things that may be just hidden below the surface, if only you’ll look.

Choose the one that calls to you:  what’s next in your life, growing your leadership or deepening your mother:daughter relationship.  Or ask me about a custom and private 2-day Equine Vision Journey designed specifically for you and where you are in your life today.

Syzygy retreats are awe-inspiring, life-changing and  heart opening.  Here’s just a few of my favorite client testimonials.

“My mind and soul were liberated and I was able to open up to new possibilities in the future.”

“This experience will be a touch point of strength for my life.  Through this exploration I have identified a solid set of healing forces that I can come back to when I need them – such as the smells of pine, sage and horses – centering my mind with yoga – and remembering all of the good I have achieved in my career and life.”

“This weekend certainly shook me to the core.  I still feel the courage the horses gave to me burning in my soul.  I am like a fearless warrior right now.”

“I was stunned by this experience.  It brought out more in me than dozens of other coaching sessions I have had.  The difference in this program is that you emphasize participants listen to their hearts.  This may seem superficial at first blush but it makes all the difference in getting to the core of the person and understanding what journey they are truly meant to undertake.”

So join us this summer and open the door to play and curiosity! There is new inspiration awaiting you!

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