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I Choose Abundance!

I Choose Abundance!

I choose abundance.  I live in it each day.  I share the bounty of our world with all those around me.  The gift each of us brings is unique and beautiful and together we create a symphony of abundant flowing energy that makes a difference in our world.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a proponent of TEAM.  In my world, 1+1=3 and 3+3=10 when we combine our gifts and talents.  When we pool our resources in creativity, love and care, we find a  higher purpose than our own personal agenda.  Together in TEAM, our resources and ideas can exponentially create more.

Such a difference to choosing scarcity.  The “Not Enough Mentality” that proliferates in our society, stops the flow of energy.  It deadens the possibilities stream to a slow trickling dribble.  I see competitive tightening of “mine is better,” and “that’s my space,” instead of appreciation for the talents that others bring.  I believe that there is plenty for all if we would only open our hearts in appreciation and abundance.

In the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, Brene takes us on a journey to explore our culture’s focus on scarcity and never enough. She describes the “Never Enough Problem of our culture as:  Never Good Enough. Never Perfect Enough. Never Thin Enough. Never Successful Enough. Never Enough Money.”

She suggests that one of the paths toward moving past these fears of never enough is to find inner courage – to be vulnerable – to dare greatly.  To take the stance of “I am enough. “  “You are enough.”  I’d add to that – not only are we both enough, together we can be even more!

To understand the gifts each person brings, we have to listen and become aware.  Curiousity, exploration and hearing others’ stories and dreams and ideas leads to understanding.  This caring abundance heals and transforms and empowers you and empowers me.  It opens the door to bigger possibilities.

While I’m not a surfer – my son holds this title in our family – I love the analogy of each of us cresting our own personal wave, riding it, honing our skills. Then paddling back out to the waves again, to go even higher with a greater level of skill in the ebb and flow of life’s rhythm.  There are enough waves for all of us.  We may favor different types of waves or even the same wave – but there is enough.

In our lives, there are many waves of energy to catch – to tune into and gift.  There’s no shortage of energetic waves and no two are alike.  Just like you and I – while similar, we’re never exactly the same.  In the greater consciousness of our world, I can bring my gifts and you yours.  Together we’ll create, intermingle and weave a cloth of great beauty – encompassing the land, inviting others.

This is empowerment.  This is abundance.

So today and every day, I invite you to say “I am enough.”  “You are enough.”  And then explore what you might create in synchronicity with others. Chances are, you will open the doors to new possibilities and new opportunities!

If you want to practice in the realm of abundance and empowerment, I invite you to attend the upcoming Leadership Through the Eyes of the Horse 1-Day Workshop on May 17th.  Together we’ll play in appreciation of your own gifts in leadership and learn new ways to explore the gifts of others.

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Kami, your message about choosing abundance .vs scarcity is so eloquently said and one that is so critically important for humanity. We are inundated everyday with messages of scarcity through our media, friends, family, work, etc. Once we begin to step outside this language and the resulting acts, and begin to truly SERVE others is the moment that abundance begins to thrive within all of us. I am deeply honored by your post and as a fellow coach to be considered part of your extended TEAM!!

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