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How my community helped me be named to the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business list

How my community helped me be named to the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business list

Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame 2020 Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business

When I left the corporate world in 2008, I left behind an executive role where I was really good at helping raise the thought leadership profiles of others. I worked with our internal experts to help them raise up their visibility in the media and in their industry. I was really good at being behind the scenes, training the experts in messaging, speaking and media relations. I so internally focused within the organization that I worked, that I hadn’t built my own connections and networks – but had only taught others how to do that.

So as I came out of my corporate job – with 6 LinkedIn connections to my profile – I had a bit of work to do. In that first year, I had 200 coffees, greeting, meeting, reconnecting and starting to build my own community. One connection led to several new ones. This is how it began. Over the course of the past decade, I have built an incredible community of movers and shakers, and change-makers.

I became known as a connector – always introducing one great woman to another great woman. “Oh you need to know…” were common words coming out of my mouth. Add in my volunteer work on boards, my Extraordinary Women Connect events, my podcast and 1000s of coffees and Zoom meetups, later, I have built an incredible community.

This month I was recognized for all this community building by the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, as one of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in 2020. One of my amazing clients nominated me, and the nomination submittal had several referrals from women in my community who had been prior recipients of this prestigious award. I know my decade plus of community building contributed to this honor.

I was humbled to stand beside the 24 extraordinary women – from CEOs of corporations, to non-profit leaders, to entrepreneurs. The Chamber is building a way for this community of women to continue to collaborate and learn from one another. I am so excited to build on these connections.

I talk a lot about building meaningful connections. Connections have helped my business grow and my reach expand. This is the ripple effect that wish to create. My written purpose statement is “to help 1 million women step into their passion and purpose.” Building my community is how I will achieve this one person at a time… who will each help their community with the work they’re meant to do… a ripple effect of impact.

It was amazing to stand on the stage beside the amazing women at a gala of 800 people. A moment I will never forget. These women were so full of wisdom. Below are two videos that captured short snippets of the stories of these women, myself included. I know you’ll find some pearls of wisdom here. Enjoy.




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