Your Soulful-Inspired ‘What’s Next!’

A Group Coaching Program Starting January 2018

Join us in this dynamic and intimate group setting over the course of a 6 month program that I host once a year to help you find, discover and start your next chapter in life! You will align to your passions and unleashyour BRILLIANT-SELF to ignite the fire which will make your dreams a reality.

You’ve worked hard. You’re successful. Yet something inside is beginning to shift. You’re starting to think about what’s next in your life. You’re wondering if there’s not something different for you out there. You just don’t know what it is or where to start!  Maybe you feel stuck. Or perhaps, you’re moving so fast that these thoughts never make it to the surface!

It’s just these kinds of circumstances that change – the moment you start asking the question – “What does my what’s next look like?”

Take steps toward a more authentic you, to stronger relationships, to a deeper soul-connection. Find the courage to discover the life you’re supposed to be living and move toward a life filled with more energypassion and focused intent. Bring the best of you to the front and center.

This is for you if you’re ready to CREATE an inspirational next phase of your life – if you’re ready to STEP INTO your true possibilities! As we meet each week over the course of our 6 month journey together, you will:

  • Connect to your inner wonderpassions, values and the spirit of you and all you stand for
  • Play in your personal stories and define what gives you life
  • Identify your purpose and how you can give back into the world
  • Envision a spectrum of meaningful new possibilities to consider in your next chapter
  • Bring clarity to which choice is the right choice for you
  • Set a plan of action, fueled with purposeful energy, vitality and courage

This group program will help you hear your inner voice, passions and callings – then chart a course to bring it to life and live it out loud.

  • You will enjoy 9 online group coaching sessions (January – May 2018) to do a deep dive into the essence of you—your strengths, your passions and your values tuning into all your heart wants you to know!
  • Clarity of purpose and how you’re meant to matter in the world.
  • Includes the Essence of You Diagram & 360 Strengths Profile plus a Dream to Soulful -Inspired Action Plan
  • Declare how you want to make a difference in the world!
  • Play in visionary thinking and dreaming for what could be in your life, and decide what is the right path for you!
  • Roadmap Strategies for Success to help you blow past barriers and obstacles!
  • Start playing big and living into your own personal and professional brand making the difference you want!
  • Public 2-Day Equine Vision Journey Retreat in 2018 ($850 value)

In addition, you will enjoy special privilege of a Membership to  Kami’s Private Client Circle which includes a full year of monthly Collaboration Circles – a monthly online meeting to connect and support one-another. You will also receive a Daily Pony Pondering Inspirations email, to bringing positive, thought-provoking guidance to your soul path.

While we love it when you can attend live – all sessions are recorded.

This life transformational program is for you if you are want to start the wheels of change in your life and set the sails on a new course in 2018!

Over the course of the program, you will uncover what inspires and moves you. You will envision new possibilities grounded in inspiration – and take steps to live a life full of vitality and purpose.

Full Price Investment: $3,200
Sign-up by midnight 12/31/2017 and SAVE up to $800!
Payment Plan
6 payments at $470 per month

Purchase before 12/31/2017
to save over $700

Ignite. Emerge. Succeed.

Payment in Full
Save $400 when paid in full

Purchase before 12/31/2017
to save over $800

Ignite. Emerge. Succeed.

What’s Unique about Coaching with Kami?

 Awakening your mind, body, emotion and spirit and the power of all that is you – it’s this holistic approach that makes Kami’s coaching different!

Together we discover your essence as we uncover your personal stories of strengths, values and passions. We define your purpose and role in life. From this foundation, new possibilities unfold – as you learn to think outside the box to your full potential. You gain clarity about what you want to manifest and then you’ll make it happen!

You are unique and every journey is unique. We explore the environments that inspire your thinking.  And very unique to Kami’s work, we’ll introduce inspiration through the gifts that nature and animals can bring – creating a level of breakthrough unlike other coaching programs. Kami weaves Equine Guided Coaching, Appreciative Inquiry Change Management Practices, Somatic Learning and over 20 years of strategic planning experience to your life journey.

Want to learn more?  I invite you to sign up for an Soulful-Inspired Strategy Session and try on a bit of Kami’s coaching for yourself! I offer a limited number of complimentary sessions each month.
ONLINE today!

Make this investment in you today.  And create the future you’re supposed to live.  One aligned to your purpose.  One aligned to the authentic you.

I look forward to co-creating with you and hearing more about what your heart is longing for.


Is your heart saying yes, but you have a couple of questions? Set up a 15-minute call with Kami, and we can chat to see if it’s a fit! 
Tech leader turned mindful leadership coach and consultant
“I felt an increasing unease and lack of authenticity – I knew I needed to do something that was meaningful.”

“Everything about my corporate work environment screamed that it was time for change. I went through multiple bouts of flu because my immune system was so weak. Something had to shift. Kami intuitively guided me back to a time in my youth when I was full of energy and hope about my contribution to the world; from that vantage point, I was once again able to clearly see my legacy. Coaching with Kami gave me the confidence and I let go of the fear. I left my corporate job and started my own company doing the work that aligns with who I am. Making that leap would not have been possible without Kami’s business expertise, support system, and unwavering confidence in me!”

Prominent Canadian energy analyst and thought leader, Calgary, Alberta
“My investment in ME – in MY coaching – paid back huge dividends as I landed my new job!” 

“Fear of change was keeping me in a job I was ready to leave. Coaching provided me with a decision framework to weigh my choices, and to confidently step into my “what’s next.” This work enabled me to articulate what I was looking for in a new role. It made a big difference throughout the interview cycle, as I could clearly communicate my value and was able to define exactly what I was looking for. I know I made the right decision in my career move because of all the careful thought and reflection I did in my coaching.”

Mary Ann
Former Fortune 100 Senior VP turned business coach and consultant
“Today I’ve found my center and I have my life back again. I’m bringing my gifts into the world in ways that matter.”

“I was commuting to NYC every week – I was tired, having health issues and missing my family – and I knew something had to change. And so for the first time in my life, I quit my job without knowing where I was going to go next. I just knew I needed to slow down and find my center again. That’s when I reached out to Kami. She took me on a journey of reconnecting to my strengths and passions and values. She helped me find clarity that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and that I wanted to be my own boss. Today, I use my extensive business background helping others create successful businesses and I love what I do. I have time to actively engage on several non-profit boards – giving back on my life’s many good fortunes. And most of all, I’ve taken back my life!”

Colorado marketing thought leader and executive
“Years of high professional pressure – in addition to being a wife and mother – had the potential to ‘break’ me.”

“Kami has taught me how to bend but not break. She helped reconnect me to who I am – reintroducing me to my true gifts, values and talents – which had gotten almost diluted in the extremely complex corporate environment in which I work. I’m thriving in my new role – taking more calculated risks and owning who I am. Most importantly, I have a renewed sense of energy, passion and joy for the future, but also for right now.”

Arizona marketing executive and connector extraordinaire
 “Coaching is a present I’d love the whole world to wake up to.  I mean really, if you could give the gift of your true essence to everyone, wouldn’t you?” 

“Kami gave me the confidence to take charge and live my life with vigor. I tuned into what was important and released the things that didn’t matter so much. I received so many gifts about the importance of ME! Coaching is an investment in yourself and is so worth it!  And Kami really just makes it such a beautiful process.”

Image consultant

“I’m ever so grateful to have worked with Kami. I needed to get out of the fear, worry and painful place I was in. Kami was there for me every step of the way while going through perhaps the biggest transition in my life. She helped me reconnect to my passion in fashion and launch a business. In addition to being a great coach, Kami is also an amazing connecter. Her events have been so inspiring and her tribe of women are the best of the best.  I was fortunate enough to work with Kami both one on one and with the Extraordinary Women Business Mastermind Group, as I started my business. Kami helps make it all possible!”

CarrollS 2
Commercial Banking VP

“My work with Kami really gave me an opportunity to reconnect to my roots – especially the enthusiastic inner child that I started life off as. Kami is a great listener. She listens with her heart. Every week of our work together, brought new discoveries about who I am at my core – my strengths, my passions and my values – and put me more in touch with the inner meaning of my life. I feel more alive and tuned in and am excited to contribute my part to making this a better world.”

Colorado, marketing master who volunteers in the art therapy world

“I started working with Kami after selling the business that I owned for over ten years. She coaches in a very organic way – not as a part of a pre-defined program but rather – pulling from an extensive toolbox and years of strategic experience, selecting the exact right tool for me at that particular time. This process laid the groundwork for me to explore the possibilities and determine what truly aligned with my skills and values. Ultimately, I rediscovered my love for art and made space and time for art – my passion – in my life. Reconnecting to my art took me down a transformational journey – which would eventually teach me to listen to my inner knowing. It takes courage to listen to your inner voice, but today I know it and trust it in a whole new way because of the work I did with Kami.”

Aspen to Crested Butte
Founder and Managing Partner of a women minority owned sales and marketing firm

“I already had a job I loved, but my kids were growing up and I knew I had a huge opportunity to design my future, rediscover myself and focus on what I love. My coaching journey allowed me to unfold and blossom and reconnect back to my authentic self. By shining a light on all that is positive about me, I was inspired to put things that are most important into action for a bigger, better future. And without really meaning to, I did a lot of work on “letting go.” I am more grounded and confident than I have been in a very long time. I believe the greatest gift of my journey with Kami has been the reassurance that I am on the right path!”

Payment Plan
6 payments at $470 per month
Purchase before 12/31/2017
to save over $700

Ignite. Emerge. Succeed

Payment in Full
Save $400 when paid in full
Purchase before 12/31/2017
to save over $800

Ignite. Emerge. Succeed.

Let 2018 be the year that you get serious about making real change in your life!
Let it be the year you take that big leap into with clarity and courage!
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