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Equine Vision Journey

Equine Vision Journey Retreat

“Women’s Wisdom is the Medicine Our Earth Needs. There’s no faster way to connect to your inner wisdom than to connect with the wisdom of horses. They will guide you.” ~Kami Guildner

You – fully expressed and in your brightest light – leading, making an impact, leveling up.

For over a decade, my magical herd of horses has helped light up the inner cowgirl courage of female entrepreneurs just like you.

The herd helps quiet the noise of our world. And more importantly, the noise of the mind. They help us slow down to the pace of the horse, where suddenly we can see bigger possibilities for ourselves, our lives and our businesses.

The herd helps us breakthrough the unknowns that are keeping us playing small… breakthrough to playing bigger and bolder… so we can expand  our impact.

The herd helps us connect the dots between what we outwardly know, and the deeper knowing of our soul.

The herd will guide you to your deepest inner knowing to awaken your cowgirl grit and your mystical gypsy wisdom.

“This weekend certainly shook me to the core.  I still feel the courage the horses gave to me burning in my soul.  I am like a fearless warrior right now.” ~Barbara


It means stretching into new spaces. You will grow. AND – you will feel the energetic light of love and empowerment that comes with taking your Next Bold Move… because that’s what you were born to do.

It means feeling the fear – but stepping forward anyway.

Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual journey… and there is no better way to connect into the spirit of you.

I invite you to light up your inner cowgirl courage to take your next bold move in how you are serving our world.


Who is this for: Changemaker Influencer Women Entrepreneurs ready to #RaiseUP their game and create bigger impact on the world! If you’re ready to breakthrough to new levels in your business, this retreat will recalibrate your being to align with your highest potential!

You will experience a soul-inspiring environment that opens paths way to:

  • Clarity for what it is you want to stand for in life, leadership and the impact of your work.
  • #RaiseUP how you resonate – the energy of you – so you grow your business in flow and ease.
  • Break out of the fear and any obstacles that might be keeping you stuck from taking the next bold steps that will elevate your voice, visibility and business.
  • Examine how you’re really showing up in body, mind and soul – and tune up how you’re energetically resonating – with your voice, your presence and the light within
  • Set free any limiting beliefs that might be hidden just below surface so you can breakthrough into that perfectly imperfect next version of your life and business
  • Give voice to the message that you’re meant to be sharing with the world and define the soulful-inspired pathway that will help you expand your reach

In nature, and with the Syzygy herd, you’ll slow down, engage your intuition and deeply listen to your inner voice, finding trust in the messages that are there. You’ll reconnect to the very spirit of who are, and dance confidently onto the path you’re supposed to live.

“My mind and soul were liberated and I was able to open up to new possibilities in the future.” ~Sharon

Kami also works with private clients for equine guided VIP Days and group leadership retreats. To see if one of these packages is right for you, apply for one of her Soulful-Inspired Strategy Sessions.

Get access to her exclusive FREE ONLINE teachings to build more time prosperity and wealth in your business and life!

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