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Guide the Twisting Turning Journey of Your Life

Guide the Twisting Turning Journey of Your Life

Happy New Year to each of you!  With the New Year’s weekend under our belt, I’m certain many of you have pondered upon New Year’s resolutions.  This tradition of taking stock of our paths and setting goals at the start of each year is often that milestone that launches new direction into action.  New career paths, new life:balance goals, new health programs – we tell ourselves that this is the year to (insert your goals here).

In a recent conversation with a young friend, we were pondering life paths – how we find them, how they present themselves to us and how we make choices everyday that lead us down this twisting, turning journey we call life.  In his infinite wisdom, he shared that the journey of life will present itself in the way that it should.  I agreed with him – I truly believe that we are all where we should be today.  The right opportunities and the right doors present themselves when we’re ready for them.  Each step along the way has a lesson for us.  What is key in this statement is that that the doors present themselves to us – “when we’re ready for them.”

So the question lies in, “How do we ready ourselves?”  True, we can just jump into the flow and see what comes our way and what rings our bell.  But if there’s anything that I’ve learned in these past few years, is that our minds need to be ‘tuned’ to the possibilities to hear them.  We have to do our homework to open our minds.  My own journey has led me down many paths of opportunities – each step along the way an important piece of my own puzzle.  There was a point in time, when I slowed down and became more aware – reconnecting back to me.  I had to do my homework.  This was the catalyst that enabled me to tune into the possibilities.  These possibilities brought choices – the choices that led me to what I know is my own true calling.  This has been the most important gift of my life.

So as you consider your paths and resolutions for 2011, I encourage you to do your homework.  Become aware.  Consider who you are, what you’re good at, what you’re passionate about.  Consider what lessons are to be learned from the big moments of your life.  It’s an opportunity to uncover more details and more awareness of you.  With each layer of learning, comes new ideas that you might have missed before.  I call these “Ah Ha” moments.  These “Ah Ha” moments are wonderful gifts showing up at just the right time in our life.

Author Richard Farson wrote, “The best ideas aren’t hidden in shadowy recesses.  They’re right in front of us, hidden in plain sight.”  One of the biggest rewards in my coaching work is helping my clients self-explore, and uncover what is very often hidden in plain sight.  This is the homework that one must do – and it requires diligence and commitment to discover the many layers that make up our complex selves.  It’s usually not readily at the surface unless you make it a habit to study the greatness that is you.  Coaching brings new insights into who you are and what’s important in your life, opening paths to new possibilities.  Not only does coaching prepare you for your own twisted turning journey of life, but it gives you a steering wheel.

So as you roll into 2011, the choice is yours.  Will you merely jump into the flow of life that comes your way?  Or would you like to guide the path before you – creating the future you’re supposed to live.  One aligned to your purpose.  One aligned to the authentic you.  It’s a choice you have.  Call me today for a complimentary introductory coaching session – 303-670-7244.

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