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Gifts from the Sea

Gifts from the Sea

Yes, it is the title of my favorite book that I’ve read many times over.  But at this moment, it is the title of my life this past week.  Spending a week at the beach is one of the greatest gifts you can grant to yourself.  Here’s a quick collection of my own gifts from the week.

Grounding: There’s not a better way to be more grounded to our earth than to walk miles of beach, taking in the wonder and size of the ocean, the power of the waves and the serenity that it provides.  Counting the seconds between the waves, gauging the direction from which they come and pondering the changes that take place.  Doing morning salutations to the sun to loosen my joints – taking in the warm rays of the sun, and feeling the sea water rolling to touch my toes, as I bury them into the wet sand.  There is great grounding in taking in the wholeness of it all.

Wonder: The sea offers many sides of wonder.  Finding a single shell, and considering its unique path that took it the point of becoming part of your seashell collection.  Realizing that every single shell on that beach had its own unique path (is that not unlike us?).  Watching for the morning turtle tracks, where the mother turtle found her way to the beach, laid her eggs and then made her way back to the sea.  Taking in the dance of the birds as they glide through the sky, with a quick glide down to capture their dinner.   The adrenaline rush you get, as your friend yells out to you from the beach, “what is that giant fish next to you?”  Ending the day, watching in anticipation for the colors that spring forth as the sun sets.

Serenity: There is nothing like the sound of the ocean to provide a natural meditative state.  Letting your mind free itself of thought is easy with the roll and splash of the ocean.  Sitting quietly looking out over the horizon or walking quiet in thought.  As the mind washes clean, new ideas spring forth and formulate.   A deep feeling of gratitude unfolds – thankful for all the gifts our own everyday life provides – my alignment to my passions, my values and my dreams.  The ocean brings peace.

Play: Digging in the sand, creating sand castles tiled in sea shells, following your urge to run and dance in the wind – the sea’s bounty for play are endless.  Burying your friend in the sand, and laughing at the stories you share.  The art palette that  unfolds with each new addition to your whole seashell collection.  Is there meaning in the shells you chose?  Some spiral out, others bring an array of colors and patterns that are unique.  It’s so natural for the child in us to spring forth in the playground of the sea.

So, I’ll start this week anew, refreshed, passionate and joyful with the gifts that the sea brought forth for me.  And I make a promise to grant myself this gift at least once a year.  Is it time that you gift yourself a trip to the sea?

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HI kami,

Couldn’t agree more.

The Colorado mountains are wonderful but there’s also something very special about the sea.



Hi Kami,

We’re heading off to an inland ocean on Saturday for vacation…Lake Michigan! It’s truly a special place. Similar to the ocean…but no sharks or salt water!

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