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7 Secrets to Living a Life You Love

7 Secrets to Living a Life You Love

What this Former Corporate-Girl-Turned-Entrepreneur Wants You to Know

I am inspired every day by the many entrepreneurs I have the opportunity to meet in the realm of my life and work these days.  Entrepreneurs share a burning desire to live in the work that moves them and brings meaning. 

I admire the courage that took them from their old suited worlds of corporate thought leaders, doctors, lawyers and executives to their newfound place as an entrepreneur.  I admire the passion they breathe into their life work and the deep inner knowing that they make a difference in the world.

I love the stories that tell the “breaking” moment – when they knew they could never go back. That moment that they declared, “No more!  I choose ME!”  The sheer determination that it takes to break away from a safe and known environment to the wooly twisty world of being your own boss can fill even the bravest souls with fear and trepidation.

These surreal and enormous ah ha moments set them free – and they take ownership of the world before them!  There is a colossal drive, a deep-rooted desire to make it work.  And this inspires me.

As I’ve found myself in the company of these emblazoned souls in the trenches of entrepreneurial-ship after making my own leap from the corporate world, I’ve learned some pretty big lessons.

What’s intriguing is that these lessons apply not only for other entrepreneurs, but for anyone who has a desire to live their lives in deeper meaning.  I invite you to consider how you can bring some of these principles into your own life – regardless if you’re on the entrepreneur path or rising in the ranks of the corporate world.

  1. Choose a life that matters to others.  You’ll wake up in the morning with a sense of purpose and excitement to help and uplift those around you.  You can choose products that matter.  You can make a difference to the people you interact with every day.  You can make a difference to causes in our world.  It’s your choice!  Choose with intent!
  2. Do work you love!  You spend way too many hours in your lifetime making a living to not absolutely, from-the-bottom-of-your-heart love it!  Know your strengths and talents – know what jazzes you – know what sets your heart afire!  When you love what you do, you will be successful.  No doubt!
  3. Live in an abundant world.  Don’t buy into the scarcity theory of “not enough” of anything.  There is abundant money, resources and opportunities in our world.  Know this and commit to abundance in your life.  It will flow your way in perfect timing.
  4. Find a mentor, a teacher, a guide!  You’re not the first one down any trail.  Find the best in your field and study what worked for them.  More importantly, let them point out the potential potholes you might fall into and help guide you around them.  Putting the right support around you will make sure you get where you want to go faster and more efficiently.  Then gift the gift of mentorship back to someone else.  Share what you’ve learned.  Our world will be a better place.
  5. Become fiercely protective of your most valuable asset – TIME!  Put your most important priorities first.  Focus in on one thing at a time.  Set boundaries for when you are available and when you are not.  Adapt a system for managing your time – so you drive it – and it doesn’t drive you.
  6. Intimately know your personal values.  What’s most important to you?  And are these values reflected in the choices you make and balanced in the way you spend your time?
  7. Hold yourself accountable.  Find what works to keep you in action.  If you really desire something, you will hold the course no matter the size of the mountain before you.  Breathe life into this desire, set your intentions and take that first step.  Then next step and the next.  Before you know it, you’ll look up and you will have summited!

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