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Finding you… the pursuit of what makes you come alive

Finding you… the pursuit of what makes you come alive

Three simple words.  I hear them over and over again.  From wildly successful women deep into their career, in the realm of what is considered from the outside, the most successful time of her life.  And she says to me, “I feel lost.”

The deep pain associated with these three words is rooted in her soul calling out for more.  These women have dedicated their life’s work to providing for a family.  They have followed the baby boomer philosophy of loyalty and working hard. In fact, life has been full of rich experiences because of this work ethic.  Yet still, somewhere in the midst of all the external noise of her life, she got lost.  Her heart is calling for something more.

I know how terrifying those three words can be.  In the midst of my long ago journey from corporate me to entrepreneurial me, I declared these three words, “I feel lost!” Long hours, crazy driven pursuit of success and culture-skewed priorities shaped my persona and my life.  The heart of who I really was at my very essence was lost and gasping for breath.

That declaration of “I am lost” planted the early seeds for my journey back to me.  Those were the seeds that would blossom into the work that I do today.  The work that feeds my soul and lights my inner fire.  The work that is my purpose in life.

At the time, I wished I could just wake up one morning and say, “Oh there I am!  How did I get lost? I’m glad to have found you again.  I know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing now to bring that fire back into my life!”

Instead, I discovered that I was on a magnificent spiraling journey. It was hard work. I had to ferociously feed my soul with inspiration and learning.  The possibilities before me began to expand.

I did a deep dive connecting back to the essence of me – remembering my gifts, my strengths, my values and passions.  My inner wisdom began to find its voice, lighting a fire that had been dimmed.  I began to see clarity in my purpose. Suddenly it became clear that I had something different to do in the world. Something that mattered and would make a difference in the lives of many.

With each spiral of exploration, my pathway broadened and became brighter. I surrounded myself with mentors and teachers who helped me step beyond my boundaries of comfort and past the fear. The world of opportunities before me became larger.

This spiraling growth continues today – and will be there for the rest of my life, for it is in this space that I feel most alive. I can sit back and play small, or I can step into the work that is mine to create, deliver and share.  I choose to own my gifts.

You are already on a spiraling journey.  Everything that has happened in your life up to this point is leading to where you are going.  You have life experiences that are essential elements of what’s next for you.  There are threads that being woven into the fabric of your life, even as you read this.  The seeds are being planted for something more.

If you are feeling the sense of having “lost you” right now, it’s merely a catalyst to tune into your inner voice.  It is a gift inviting you to stop and reconnect to the wonder that is you.

You may think – I know who I am. But if you’ve been living in the world bombarded with external forces and perceptions, chances are there are pieces of you wanting to come alive that have been buried in the noise of life.  Chances are your inner voice hasn’t had space to sing lately. So invite those pieces of you out to play!

One way to fuel your trip back to you, is to play in your own life experiences and stories.  Recall a time in your life when you were on fire.  A time when you felt vibrantly alive, engaged and enthusiastic about what you were involved in. What made it an exciting experience? Who was involved? What feelings did you have? Write the story in detail.

Then begin to consider what was it about you that made this time in your life special?  It’s likely you were living in your sweet spot – your essence. What talents and gifts and passions were you tapping into?  What values were you living?  Capture these items on three sheets of paper labeled: 1) Talents; 2) Strengths and 3) Values.

Continue to explore a few more stories and add to the lists.  You’ll likely start to see a pattern in these stories.  These are clues to who you are at your essence – at your very core.  These are the threads that start to connect you back to you!

From this place of remembering you, you will start to see new possibilities before you.  Your spiraling journey has accelerated and expanded into something larger.  Ask yourself, how you can live into these gifts further? Keep feeding and nurturing the pathway before you in pursuit of truly knowing your essence… in pursuit of things that make you come alive.  Your seeds are planted.

And if you want a little help in this exploration, take time to say Yes-to-You and sign up for one of my complimentary strategy sessions.  Let the spiral begin!



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