Executive & Leadership Coaching (Demo)

Executive & Leadership Coaching (Demo)


Investing in your organization’s executive talent creates a dynamic growth-based culture of collaboration, innovation and motivation.  Opening doors to new opportunities for your top leaders will not only catapult their growth, but your company’s growth as well!

The Syzygy Executive Coaching Program guides executives to reconnect to their leadership strengths and values and develop a strong sense of purpose as a leader.  The focus on positive change sets the stage for enhanced working environments and professional growth. It puts people into roles that are right for their talents and builds on your organization’s bench strength. And last but not least, the Syzygy Coaching approach will enhance your leader’s ability to nurture strengths and leadership greatness in others.

quote 1Begin with Discovery:  Syzygy Coaching starts with deep exploration of a person’s strengths, peak career experiences, passions and values.  Together we identify their unique leadership attributes that lifts their potential.  In conjunction with our strengths-based focus, we also identify any leadership derailers, guiding your leaders to create their own personal High Performance Leadership Pattern.  This renewed awareness, opens the door to exploring new opportunities and ‘what’s next’ in their leadership path.

With the goal of opening the mind to new possibilities – Syzygy clients examine options with an expanded vision into what they’re good at – and how they make a difference.  Syzygy Coaching helps them connect to how they can be an important part of your company’s evolving future.

The Syzygy Executive Coaching Process: 

Executives in the Syzygy Coaching program learn to awaken and embody the leader within and create shifting paradigms of performance.  They gain a deeper somatic awareness, helping them work from a place of authenticity, yet gain a better understanding of how they impact others around them.  In weekly meetings with Leadership Coach, Kami Guildner, the executive steps into a new leadership foundation based on the following framework:

The Syzygy Executive Coaching Process – A strength-aligned approach to growth
Step 1:  Discovering Your Leadership Essence Defining the “Syzygy Essence of You™ as a Leader” – exploring strengths, values, passions and purpose.  Includes StrengthsFinder™, Syzygy 360-degree Strengths Profiling Exercise, and a variety of other exploration tools.
Step 2:  Exploring Your New Leadership Paradigm Open exploration to the possibilities that can unfold.  Removing barriers in thinking, moving past performance derailers and aligning your leadership path back to your strengths, values and gifts.  Introducing new ways of collaboration and leadership embodiment.
Step 3:  Designing your Leadership Path Establishing Key Success Factors to professional growth in conjunction with your company’s strategic initiatives. Balancing options, prioritizing approaches and establishing goals that take your leadership talents to the level.
Step 4: Sustaining Professional Leadership Excellence Establishing the steps to growth and staying accountable in the process.  We’ll develop a High-Performance Leadership Plan that encapsulates your strengths, assets, capacities, capabilities, beliefs, values, approaches, best practices, opportunities, dreams and goals that, when maximized, allows you to achieve sustained professional leadership excellence in your organization.

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Every person is unique and so is every Syzygy Coaching Program.  Over the course of each person’s custom program, we will introduce new possibilities – creating a level of breakthrough unlike other coaching programs.

Scalability to Align to Key Initiatives:  The dynamic nature of the Syzygy coaching model, based in Appreciative Inquiry Change Management principles, easily enables customization to coincide with corporate initiatives, large scale growth initiatives and merger and acquisition integration.

KamiGuildner02-web-colorKami Guildner:  Passions, purpose and the vision to align them. It is with these fundamentals that Kami Guildner founded Syzygy™ Consulting & Coaching.  Kami helps leaders uncover their passions and discover their purpose to guide them to an inspired future.  Her unique consulting and coaching agency, Syzygy, is grounded in the experience of stories, passions and the power of positive.  These experiences bring lasting change to leadership styles, organizational cultures and open the new door for new visions.

With two decades of experience inspiring and leading diverse teams in complex, multi-national organizations, Kami’s leadership reputation is one of collaboration, vision and a committed focus on the value of “team.”  She led collaboration and integration efforts for acquisitions, organization change management and leadership best practices in offices around the world.  In her most recent corporate role at IHS, she was a core team member driving the organization’s growth from a $300 million private organization to a $1 billion public company.

Kami holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing.  She is trained in Appreciative Inquiry change management methodology, holding a certificate in Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change. She is a certified trainer in the Corporation for Positive Change Appreciative Leadership Development Program©. Kami is also a certified Equine Guided Educator Leadership Coach.

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