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Myoshia Boykin-Anderson – From Nowhere to Tech Millionaire – Episode 160

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson – From Nowhere to Tech Millionaire – Episode 160

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I am happy to introduce you to Myoshia Boykin-Anderson. Myoshia  truly represents the “American Dream.”

As a native Houstonian and a proud graduate of Jack Yates Senior High School, Myoshia saw some of life’s most difficult times, but she didn’t let that stop her from striving for a better future and building a multi-million dollar tech company.

In this Episode:

  • How Myoshia has grown her business into a multi-million IT consulting firm and ho she nailed it even without a college degree!
  • Her hopes for the systemic changes that will take place during this cultural, financial and interracial pandemic that we’re currently in
  • Her call for all people to learn black people’s plight and story – to truly see each person
  • Her message for the world evoked in LOVE
  • What the world of STEM and world of tech did for Myoshia’s life
  • What sparked in Myoshia to make a shift in her business
  • Learn more about Myoshia’s business and how her company creates technical solutions and automation for small business that relieves owners from tedious tasks, and more
  • Myoshia’s advice on scaling your business to greater heights

In November 1998, with no savings and no college degree, Myoshia got her first taste of entrepreneurship by starting her first company. She was able grow it to a multi-six figure operation before closing it in 2007. After taking the lessons learned from that experience, she launched her second company in January 2009. Myoshia is now the award-winning founder and CEO of one of the leading IT Consulting companies in the country,  AndTech Solutions, LLC.

Over the past 11 years, under Myoshia’s leadership, AndTech has grown into a multi seven-figure consulting firm providing custom application development and other technology services to some of the top U.S. companies and organizations. They’ve implemented health plans responsible for managing over 56 million members across 25 states and consulted with small businesses in creating custom application solutions to meet their technology challenges. What
makes this even more impressive is that Myoshia has done this with grit and hard work as a self-made businesswoman with no formal higher education or college degree.

Myoshia is proud to hold Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certifications and sits on the Executive Board of C-STEM, an organization whose mission is to inspire the next generation of innovators and thought leaders. Myoshia and her husband are parents to two adult children and are based in Houston, TX

“The ‘no’ you received doesn’t necessarily mean ‘denied’, it could just be delayed.” —Myoshia Boykin-Anderson

Discover more about Myoshia’s works and passion on her website: AndTech Solutions. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, join her community on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

Let’s meet Myoshia Boykin-Anderson!

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson Show Notes

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