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Frannie Matthews – CEO of the Colorado Technology Association – Episode 150

Frannie Matthews – CEO of the Colorado Technology Association – Episode 150

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you this extraordinary woman – Frannie Matthews, the CEO of the Colorado Technology Association.

In this Episode:

  • Discover how Frannie’s team is giving each other support amidst the pandemic
  • How COVID-19 is transforming Frannie’s leadership of the Colorado Technology Association with more communication, transparency, and ritualization
  • How the seemingly insignificant things can have a huge impact on your life and how to make the influence positive
  • Learn how you can get to extraordinary
  • How to build your self-confidence
  • The dynamic equation and the relationship with money, time, risks, and life purpose
  • “The digital world can distort our truth” and what it means for Frannie

Before joining Colorado Technology Association, Frannie spent 18 years with IBM and served as the IBM Senior Location Executive for Denver. She has over a decade of sales management and leadership experience with regional high-performance teams.

She has a passion for helping the next generation and has a particular interest in STEM education.  Frannie has taught high school-level Junior Achievement courses and works with University of Colorado students through the Leeds School of Business mentoring programs. She also mentors a high school student at the PTECH program at Skyline High School.

Frannie has served as a board member for the University of Colorado Wellness Center and was on the board of Colorado Technology Association before becoming the CEO. In 2018, Governor John Hickenlooper appointed Frannie to the Colorado Workforce Development Council.  She also serves on the Board of Directors for TECNA, the Technology Councils of North America.

“If you’re giving up everything else for money, for me that would be missing the point.” – Frannie Matthews

Discover more about Frannie’s works and passion on her website: Colorado Technology. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let’s meet Frannie Matthews!

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