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Donna Mazzitelli, Award-Winning Editor and Publisher, and the Founder of the Merry Dissonance Press and The Word Heartiste – Episode 139

Donna Mazzitelli, Award-Winning Editor and Publisher, and the Founder of the Merry Dissonance Press and The Word Heartiste – Episode 139

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you my very dear friend, and the publisher and editor of my book Firedancer, the very extraordinary Donna Mazzitelli. Donna is an  Award-Winning Editor and Publisher, as well as the Founder of the Merry Dissonance Press and The Word Heartiste.

We have such a beautiful and fun conversation and Donna shares many of the stories of her life and love-filled thoughts, including:

  • How she found her passion for storytelling
  • The important role that stories play in connecting us with the world
  • How real success comes from being able to share our vulnerability
  • Donna’s most vulnerable moments and her valuable learnings
  • What she’s most proud of and the legacy she wishes to leave

She also gives some good sage advice on how to start writing your book and get into the flow in writing, as well as more about Indie publishing.

Donna, The Word Heartiste, is an award-winning editor and publisher. Having worked with dozens of men and women as a writing coach and editor, she knows that in addition to a skilled and knowledgeable “wordsmith,” authors benefit from working with someone who uses heart and intuition to help them connect with their core voice. Donna’s gentle, clear guidance and safe, non-critical approach to coaching writers allow people to navigate the places and spaces that can sometimes be difficult to explore.

Donna especially loves working with authors in the genres of memoir, biography, and personal growth and development. She works in a variety of other genres, including historical fiction, fantasy fiction, health and nutrition, spirituality, death and dying, parenting, adolescent psychology, business, entrepreneurship, as well as children’s books that address social and environmental issues.

In 2013, Donna began Merry Dissonance Press, a book producer/indie publisher of works of transformation, inspiration, exploration, and illumination. As of 2019, Merry Dissonance Press has published 20 books and accumulated more than 50 awards. Donna continues to work on her personal memoir, Mosaic Heart: Pieces of an Unfinished Life, which will be released in 2020.

“Our stories are what connects us all and our stories helps us see that connection.” – Donna Mazzitelli

Follow Donna Mazzitelli on Twitter and Facebook. You may also connect with her on LinkedIn. Check out Merry Dissonance Press – a collaborative space dedicated to publishing award-winning books founded by Donna. She has also written books and you can find more information via this Amazon Kindle.

Let’s meet Donna Mazzitelli!

Donna Mazzitelli Show Notes

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