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Holly Chantal, Business Coach With A Holistic Flair – Episode 136

Holly Chantal, Business Coach With A Holistic Flair – Episode 136

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you the very extraordinary Holly Chantal – Business Coach With A Holistic Flair.

In this episode:

  • Listen in on Holly’s dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening experience
  • Holly’s exploration of the spiritual realm and the Akashic Records
  • How Holly integrates spirituality in her messaging work with clients
  • How to confidently reveal your true self through your brand
  • What it means to reach the upper limit of your business and how to break away from it
  • Learn to trust yourself again and your seemingly crazy ideas

Entrepreneurial goals can be a moving target, something   Holly Chantal learned firsthand after successfully establishing herself as a business coach and brand strategist that was on track to hit seven figures within her first 5 years. Everything changed however when Holly started a family and she found herself in a deep depression, questioning what she wanted  from life and consequently her business.

This lead to a deep spiritual awakening that resulted in her taking command of her business in a whole new way that suited her life as a mother and allows her to make an even bigger impact on the world. Today, Holly works with experienced service-based professionals who find themselves at a plateau in their business with no clear guidance on where to go next.

Whether her clients have veered off course from their initial goals, struggle with expansion plans or have found their business isn’t working for them on a personal level, Holly helps her clients gain clarity on what is keeping them stuck and what the next stage of their business looks like. She does this by combining her decade worth of experience in brand messaging, design strategy, and copywriting, along with metaphysical tools and intuitive gifts to bring their brand,  business model, and marketing into alignment with their next evolution.

“Do the things that you don’t believe you can do.” – Holly Chantal

Connect with Holly Chantal on LinkedIn and Facebook. Also, check out her website here.

Let’s meet Holly Chantal!

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