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Leah Remillét: Founder of The CEO Kid – Episode 133

Leah Remillét: Founder of The CEO Kid – Episode 133

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you the very extraordinary Leah Remillét: Founder of The CEO Kid.

The CEO Kid teaches kids to have their own entrepreneurial adventure!! LOVE THIS!!

Leah built a successful six figure business, only to discover it wasn’t her soul work! As she started doing her own soul work, she did something – some of us might call crazy! She and her husband packed up everything they owned and took their three kids to travel the world for a year. Think ‘Eat Pray Love’ meets PTA Mom/Business Owner. Tune in and find out if she found the answers she was looking for! This is such a fun story!

In this episode:

  • Discover how Leah went from moneyed entrepreneur to founder of The CEO Kid
  • Traveling the world and pursuing your true calling
  • Experiencing humanity in all its goodness
  • How Leah ascertained that teaching kids about business is her true calling
  • How to empower your children through entrepreneurial skills development
  • Leah’s legacy of creating more happy families

“We will never regret the time that we invest into our families but we can definitely regret the success we’ve accumulated when the cost turns out to have been too high.” – Leah Remillét

Connect with Leah Remillét on LinkedIn and check out her websites: The CEO Kid and Leah Remillét. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s meet Leah Remillét of The CEO Kid!

Leah Remillét Show Notes

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