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Charisse Sisou – Best Selling Author of “Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power” – 127

Charisse Sisou – Best Selling Author of “Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power” – 127

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, I’m excited to bring you the delightful Charisse Sisou – Best Selling Author of Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power.

Charisse is one of the guest speakers at next week’s Extraordinary Women Ignite in Golden, Colorado!

This is a deliciously juicy conversation! I adore Charisse and you will too.  We jam about:

  • Charisse’s journey writing her new Amazon Best Seller book, Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact, and Power
  • Our history as women and the shift that’s been happening
  • The connection between our bodies and our message to the world
  • How to connect the dots between business and pleasure
  • How repressed shame can hinder your resonance to your audience
  • How marketing has to be about making an authentic connection
  • Steps to connecting with your body and succeed in business and in life

Charisse Sisou connects women leaders with the tribe, clients, and opportunities they desire through the power of story and body. As a leadership mentor, messaging expert, bellydancer and author, she brings revolutionary tools to break through barriers and change your business and life.

Charisse is on a mission to inspire leaders and changemakers to unleash their message and impact by reclaiming the wisdom of the body and the power of feminine leadership, for women and men alike. As founding Queen of the Claim Your Message Copy and Content Agency, she’s supported executives and entrepreneurs to tell their stories, share their gifts, and attract the clients, community, and opportunities they desire.

As an author and speaker, she’s reconnected thousands with the hidden reserves of energy, intelligence, and healing that reside in the body, tapping 10+ years’ as a nationally award-winning bellydancer.

Most recently, she’s coalesced what she’s learned as a dancer grounded in the body feminine, as a gender studies major and lifelong feminist, and as a copy and content expert in her Amazon bestseller: Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact & Power.

“Your body is your most loyal consort and most honest guide. Recognize you have a partner in your body.” ~ Charisse Sisou

Connect with Charisse Sisou on LinkedIn and check out her websites: Shameless Movement & Claim Your Message. Charisse’s book is also available now on Amazon: Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact, and Power.

Let’s meet Charisse Sisou.

Charisse Sisou Show Notes

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